Vestel to bring Dolby Atmos support to entry-level TVs

Mike Wheatley

Dolby Atmos is coming to more TVs, especially at the budget end of the buyer spectrum, with Vestel announcing that most of the televisions it manufactures will support for technology going forward.


Not everyone has heard of Vestel but it’s actually a massive name in the TV producion industry. The Turkish firm is an original equipment manufacturer that makes TVs for numerous well-known brands, including the likes of Panasonic, Hitachi, Toshiba, Grundig and Finlux.

Dolby Atmos is a surround sound format that first appeared in premium TVs in 2017. It makes it possible to output object-based audio to an external soundbar, receiver or speaker system via an HDMI cable.

Although originally considered a premium feature, Dolby Atmos has been rapidly embraced by many companies in their mid-range television sets too, and now, it seems it is becoming a standard fixture even for entry-level models too.

At the same time, video streaming services such as Netflix and Disney+, as well as Apple through its iTunes store, have all embraced the format and offer tons of content that support it. Moreover, companies including Samsung Electronics now sell dedicated Dolby Atmos soundbars for those who want to upgrade their listening experience.

Vestel hasn’t said which specific models or brands will adopt Dolby Atmos, but it’s worth looking out for on any television that features additional audio smarts such as front-firing speakers by JBL that can project sound more widely. TVs that include Onkyo-approved sound systems are also likely to support Dolby Atmos, Vestel said. The company also hinted at Dolby Atmos support coming to larger TV models that come with an integrated subwoofer.

Of course, Dolby Atmos is at its most effective and realistic when the TV is hooked up to a capable external sound system with speakers placed strategically around the room, providing true surround sound in every sense of the word. So it’s good to know that with Dolby Atmos coming to more affordable TVs, those on a budget will have more cash left over to spare on a sound system.

It’s also important to ensure the TV in question supports HDMI eARC, though we’re sure Vestel will take care of that.

Vestel Deputy General Manager of Marketing and Product Management Barış Altınkaya said the wider roll-out of Dolby Atmos is an important development that will raise the bar for everyday TV audio. “Now even more of our TV ranges will be able to deliver an accessible, out-of-the-box immersive audio solution that can considerably improve the viewing experience,” he said.

The development was not unexpected, as many Vestel-made TVs already support the Dolby Vision HDR format that enables more vivid and lifelike imagery with better contrast and more detail.

Dolby Europe’s vice president of Commercial Partnerships, Javier Foncilias, said anyone who buys a Vestel TV will get the best of both worlds. “Consumers will be able to enjoy incredible picture quality as well as an amazing sound experience with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, immersing viewers in the on screen action,” he promised.