TV market expected to grow in 2022, driven by OLED

Mike Wheatley

TV shipments are expected to grow again in 2022 following a decline last year. Sizes are also expected to trend bigger, with TVs of 60-inches and more expected to command a 20% share of the market.


TrendForce said in its report that TVs were in strong demand in the first half of 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic that continued to force people around the world to stay at home. However, as the world began returning to something closer to the norm in the second half of the year, demand for TVs slowed. As a result, TV shipments in 2021 fell by 3.3% from the year before, to 210 million units.

The good news for TV manufacturers is that TV shipments will likely jump 3.4% this year, with an expected 217 million units sold.

TrendForce said it expects TVs below 39-inches to account for 25% of the market, while medium sized TVs of between 40-inches and 59-inches will account for 55% of shipments. Large-sized panels, defined as 60-inches or more, will see their share increase to 20%, Trendforce said.

“Benefiting from the deferral of small-sized panel demand, TV shipments in 2022 will grow 3.4% to 217 million units,” said TrendForce research manager Iris Hu.

TrendForce’s report also highlighted the stunning growth in popularity of OLED TVs, which are now more affordable than ever and available in smaller sizes than before. OLED TV sales rose 70% last year to 6.7 million units, and are expected to grow again by 27% this year, outpacing the wider TV market. In contrast, Mini-LED TVs – based on older LCD technology – achieved shipments of 2.1 million units in 2021.


Samsung Electronics’ expected entry into the OLED TV market this year is likely to boost sales in the segment. The company is widely expected to launch its first QD-OLED TV, which merges quantum dots with OLED, at some point this year. It could also launch regular OLED TVs based on LG Display’s WOLED technology, if reports from Korea are to be believed. Sony has already announced the world’s first QD-OLED TV, which will go on sale later this year.

"If Samsung Electronics fails to launch spring OLED TV models, its original shipment target of 1.5 million units will inevitably be affected,” TrendForce said. “However, whether it launches OLED TV models in spring or summer, Samsung Electronics will take advantage of its brand and channel advantages irrespective of other considerations to take the OLED TV market by storm and aim for a market share of 15%."