TCL's newest Mini-LED TV tops out at 6,000 nits with 14,000+ dimming zones

Mike Wheatley

TCL has somewhat confusingly named its next-level Mini-LED TV the TCL X11H, and it boasts an incredible high brightness of over 6,000 nits along with a breathtaking 14,000+ local dimming zones to deliver what should be super-bright and highly-accurate on-screen pictures.


The name of the model is confusing because it sounds a lot like the company’s first-ever MicroLED TV, which was announced earlier this week and is called the TCL X11H Max,

But the two TVs should not be confused, because they have very different display technologies. And though both models ought to be fantastic, the admittedly still expensive TCL X11H probably won’t cost anything like as much as the X11H Max.

TCL hasn’t mentioned how much the X11H will cost, but it should almost certainly have a price tag that’s lower than the cool $110,000 it’s asking for the 136-inch X11H Max MicroLED TV.

That said, the specifications of the TCL X11H are very impressive, with a total of 14,112 dimming zones in a 98-inch model and 10,368 in the smaller 85-inch version. And both size variants can hit 6,500 nits of brightness, the company said.

The company says that incredible brightness is achieved despite the TCL X11H being up to 40% more energy-efficient than most regular Mini-LED TV models.

What’s more, the TCL X11H offers so much more than just retina-destroying brightness, featuring a 4K VA LCD panel with a 144Hz refresh rate, plus zero latency communication between the individual Mini-LED dimming zones. And despite featuring a classic backlight, TCL has found a way to keep the new TV as slim as a regular iPad or Android tablet.

Just as with the TCL X11H Max, there’s no word on if or when the TLC X11H Mini-LED TV will go on sale outside of China, but if it does it will likely replace the company’s existing AQM851G in the U.S., which is known as the TCL X955 in Europe. That older model could hit 5,000 nits brightness and featured up to 4,000 local dimming zones, so the newer variant is quite an improvement.

TCL only launched the QM851G/X955 in September at last year’s IFA 2023 show and that is being touted as part of its 2024 lineup for the U.S. and Europe. That suggests it could well be several months before its biggest, brightest and most accurate Mini-LED hits the stores. While the future may be bright, we don’t think it’s imminent.