TCL's 2022 Mini-LED TVs support TrueCut Motion & 144Hz gaming

Mike Wheatley

TCL’s new XL Collection Mini-LED TVs unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show this week tells us that the company is firmly convinced of the argument that bigger is better.


Though others will argue that size isn’t everything, TCL’s unique series of TVs that all exceed 80-inches will be hard to ignore, with the company promising to deliver eye-popping images and a real sense of immersion at a price point many can afford.

TCL hasn’t yet revealed the exact makeup of its XL Collection, but the biggest of them all is a QLED model that maxes out at a whopping 98-inches. Prices for the new models will start at less than $8,000, the company added.

That may seem pretty pricey but the TCL XL Collection will deliver the sharpest and most realistic images the company’s displays are capable of. The new models represent the third generation of TCL’s Mini-LED displays, with the flagship 85-inch 8K QLED X925pro incorporating the latest version of its OD Zero Mini-LED backlight technology to deliver “unrivaled luminance and precision contrast” that TCL said results in “dramatic image depth”.

The TVs will also be among the first in the world to support a new standard developed by the visual display technology firm Pixelworks. TrueCut Motion provides tools for content creators to produce a consistent, high-quality motion “look” across all screens, regardless of the display’s size or dynamic range. It’s like dynamic metadata that’s used to render HDR, only it works for motion, with the idea being that viewers will see motion represented just as the creator intends for it to be seen. So for example, a 24 fps slow-panning shot might look stuttery on some modern TVs. With TrueCut Motion, the director can render it in 48 fps at source so it appears to have less stutter on supported TVs.

TCL is taking the initiative as one of the first TV manufacturers to support what may well become a common standard. The enthusiasm is appreciated, though like with 8K resolution, it has to deal with the issue of there being limited native TrueCut Motion content at present.

The good news is there are plenty of other new features on TCL’s XL Collection that promise to have a more immediate impact. Alongside advanced gaming features such as Auto Game Mode that delivers super responsiveness, Variable Refresh Rate to eliminate lag and HGiG for HDR gaming, TCL says its premium TVs will come with 144Hx panels. They’ll support 4K gaming at 144Hz, with the promise of the fastest and smoothest big-screen gaming action yet.


TCL North America Senior Vice President Chris Larson said the company’s XL Collection was inspired by the movie industry’s shift to a home release model, which means consumers can watch all of the latest blockbusters from the comfort of their living rooms. As such, a bigger display is a is seen by many as a must-have.

“Now you don’t have to leave the house to enjoy blockbuster movies, which is a huge shift for home entertainment, so to enjoy that same truly immersive experience of the cinema screen under your own roof, we’re offering bigger, more powerful TVs,” Larson said. “By utilizing our vertical integration advantages in the television space to continue innovating and producing, TCL has plans for bringing mini-LED powered displays across all new high-performance sets in North America and is well poised for another great year in the television business.”