TCL debuts mammoth 98-inch C735 QLED TV at IFA 2022

Mike Wheatley

TCL used IFA 2022 in Berlin as the stage to launch one of its biggest-ever TVs, the 98-inch TCL 98C735, which was unveiled alongside a new Dolby Atmos soundbar and a pair of “Wearable Display Glasses” that eliminate the need for a TV altogether.


Billed as the “world’s largest QLED TV”, the 98-inch 98C735 is said to be designed in a such a way that it’s able to “replicate the best seat in the cinema”. With that, TCL is claiming a cinematic-like viewing experience. When the viewer sits three metres away from the screen, they’ll enjoy the same kind of 60-degree field of view that they’d get from sitting right in the middle of the cinema with a massive 30-metre display.

The TV is pretty capable as far as premium QLED TVs go, with 4K resolution, a 120Hz refresh rate, built-in Onkyo speakers, two HDMI 2.1 ports for games consoles, and it runs the Google TV operating system.

If you feel like this TV sounds familiar - it has already been released in the U.S. as the TCL R754. The renamed version is designed for the European market, as well as parts of Asia and the Middle East. Notably, it’s equipped with an LED zone dimming system, though it’s not a Mini-LED TV. The R754 costs around $8,000 in the U.S., and TCL said the 98C735 will be priced at approximately £6000 in the U.K. and 6,500 euros elsewhere on the continent. It’s all set to go on sale in November, just ahead of the World Cup kick off, the company said.

For those with smaller living rooms, TCL’s most advanced Mini-LED might be a more appealing option. The Premium Mini LED TV C835 comes with snazzy gaming credentials with its 144Hz refresh rate. It too relies on Onkyo sound with a 2.1 channel system for immersive audio experiences, and it’s going to be available in 55-, 65- and 75-inch size options, the company said. Prices will start at a very reasonable £899 for the smallest option.

Also on stage at IFA was TCL’s newest X937U Dolby Atmos soundbar, which promises to deliver 7.1.4 channel audio with the contribution of wireless rear speakers and its built-in Ray-danz technology, which helps to optimize the sound output. It’ll cost around £700, TCL said.

As for the wearable we mentioned, this is known as the TCL NXTWEAR. It’s a personal display concept, meaning it isn’t going on sale yet. Really, it’s just the company’s take on a virtual reality headset. However, it’s notably light, weighing in at just 75 grams, and TCL insists it’s capable of creating the experience that you're viewing a 140-inch screen from four metres away.