TCL adds 3 low-cost soundbars to its lineup

Mike Wheatley

TCL has announced a choice of three new, low-cost soundbars for customers in the U.K. that it says deliver a wider soundstage with more acoustic accuracy and better clarity.


Although it comes with an entry-level price tag of just £199, the TS8111 soundbar is said to deliver an immersive Dolby Atmos experience with 2.1 channels. There’s also the low-end TS6100 that's priced at just £69, and the TS6110, which adds a separate subwoofer and is priced at £129.

TCL said all three soundbars bring listeners “closer to the audio experience” by increasing sound immersion, while at the same time providing the dynamics necessary to accurately reproduce music.

The higher-end TS8111 produces 3D Dolby Atmos sound thanks to its combination of angled drivers and acoustic radiators, and offers up to 260 watts of power. It also has twin, built-in subwoofers to provide plenty of low end bass, without needing to take up extra space with a separate subwoofer unit. The idea is to recreate cinematic-quality sound in smaller spaces such as a bedroom.

It can also double as a decent quality music system when the TV isn’t being used, thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity.

TCL’s TS6100 is a 2.0 channel home theatre soundbar that comes with an ARC-compatible HDMI input, plus support for HDMI-CEC. This means it can be connected to compatible TVs with a single cable so as to power up as soon as the TV is turned on. Users can then control the volume using their TV’s remote control.

The TS6100 supports the lower-grade Dolby Audio surround sound spec with its wide-range speaker drivers. It delivers 120 watts of power, supports Bluetooth, and can be wall mounted if users prefer that kind of arrangement.

For something slightly better, the TS6110 comes with all of the TS6100’s features, but the power is increased to 240 watts. There’s also that separate subwoofer to add some extra bottom end punch and a more immersive listening experience.

TCL said the TS8111 will go on sale in January, but it can be pre-ordered now from Amazon. The TS6100 and TS6110 are both on sale now from Amazon and Hughes.