TCL Teases Next Generation Mini-LED Tech Ahead Of CES 2020

Mike Wheatley

TCL Electronics is trying to stir up some excitement ahead of next month’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The company said it will use the event to launch its next generation of Mini-LED TVs and various other product innovations.


TCL’s press release gives very little indication of what to expect, but we can take some clues from the first batch of Mini-LED TVs it launched earlier this year, as well as various other trends currently dominating the industry.

The company launched its 8-Series TVs last summer, winning plaudits for its Mini-LED backlight technology that’s paired with a standard QLED display to deliver superior contrast ratios and more realistic black levels that simply aren’t possible with regular LED displays. Indeed, TCL claimed at the time the 8-Series was launched that its Mini-LED tech more or less matches the black level performance of OLED. That’s because there are more than 25,000 Mini-LEDs built into the panel, compared to just “hundreds” typically seen in QLED displays. The 8-Series TVs also boasted more than 1,000 local dimming zones.

Whatever TCL unveils at CES will almost certainly boast 8K resolution, as the higher spec has become a must-have for every brand’s flagship TV, and TCL surely won’t want to be left behind.

Indeed, the upcoming announcement could well provide more information about the 75-inch 8K Mini LED TV that TCL showed off during the IFA 2019 show in Berlin in September. Officials said at the time that the TV, which also features AI learning, a pop out camera for selfies, an Onkyo soundbar, Dolby Atmos and support for augmented reality, would go on sale sometime in the second quarter of next year. We haven’t heard anything more since IFA and so an update certainly seems overdue.

Then again, TCL could well have something entirely new up its sleeve - at this point, we simply don't know for sure.

Besides updating us on its Mini-LED tech, the company is also planning to announce its “vision for the industry in the AI and IoT age”, according to a statement by its CEO Kevin Wang.

“TCL is committed to offering a wider range of products to satisfy the needs of consumers and provide them with better, more personalized experiences,” Wang said. “Like all of our products, I hope this new line of TVs improves their lives by bringing joy into homes worldwide.”

TCL said it’s planning to livestream its CES announcements on January 6 via its Facebook , Twitter and YouTube channels.