Sony to showcase Crystal LED across Europe with 8 dedicated showrooms

Mike Wheatley

Sony wants to showcase the incredible capabilities of its commercial Crystal LED displays to companies in Europe, and to that end it has announced the opening of no less than eight showrooms across the continent.


Visitors who’re interested in procuring one of the most advanced displays in the world will be able to see for themselves the stunning visuals of Crystal LED, enabling them to gain a full appreciation of its unrivaled qualities.

Crystal LED is Sony’s name for MicroLED, which is an advanced display technology that’s based on microscopic, self-illuminating LEDs and can deliver higher brightness, control and contrast than existing displays. Many say the technology is superior to OLED in terms of its picture quality, and it has other advantages including no risk of image retention (burn-in) and a modular panel structure that allows for easier customisation, meaning customers can create displays of almost any size at up to 16K resolution.

The eight European showrooms will feature Sony’s most advanced Crystal LED display, the BH-series, which features pioneering high efficacy LED drivers to deliver large-scale, bright and pixel-perfect images that burst with rich, vibrant colours, even in brightly lit environments. The Sony BH Crystal LED series was announced in January, and is aimed at corporate customers that demand the highest quality images and brightness. It’s suitable for all kinds of commercial and retail applications, including outdoor exhibitions and screening rooms.

The BH-series Crystal LED display max out at 1,700 cd/ square metre nits, which is said to be twice as bright as other kinds of high-end LED displays. They’re powered by Sony’s X1 image processing chip for Crystal LED, which is designed to enhance the on-screen content to ensure crisp and smooth pictures with clear gradation, without even a sniff of motion blur. What’s more, the individual LEDs have a unique coating that allows them to be seen clearly even at wide viewing angles, without any sign of unnatural colour shift.

The pre-assembled panels are said to be 10% lighter and thinner than earlier-generation Crystal LED display, making them simpler to integrate and install. With the modular design, customers can select the exact size and resolution they need to suit their needs. Moreover, the BH-series is said to be around 25% more power-efficient than earlier models, and maintenance can be performed at the front of the display, meaning they can be used in a wider range of scenarios.

Sony’s Crystal LED product manager Jee Hee Lee said the display technology deserves to be showcased. “Its seamless image on such a large scale is a spectacular experience, we want to share this with as many people as possible and look forward to opening these spaces up over the next few months,” he said.

The U.K. showroom is located at the PSCO Innovation House in Bracknell, Berkshire, near London, equipped with a BH 1.55mm Crystal LED display, while there are others located in Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Spain and Turkey, in addition to two showrooms in Norway.

When it comes to implementation, Sony will provide a team of engineers that will be dispatched to any location in the world to perform the initial installation and provide technical support when required.

Rik Willemse, Head of Professional Display and Solutions Europe, said his team is particularly excited about the potential of Crystal LED technology and is keen to help everyone experience it. “The eight showrooms will proudly showcase the Crystal LED and present the capabilities of the display,” he promised.