Sony rolls out eco-friendly update for older Bravia TVs

Mike Wheatley

Sony is pushing out an important new update for some of its 2022 TVs, and even some from 2021 and 2020, making them more energy efficient and boosting their gaming capabilities.


The energy efficiency boost comes from the new Eco Dashboard feature, which is available from the settings menu and allows users to see the environmental impact of their TV, based on its current settings. Users can adjust the TV’s settings to see how it impacts energy usage. The Eco Dashboard brings all of the relevant options into one place, so users can fine-tune them to reduce their energy footprint more easily, rather than delving into various menus to find them all.

Each time the user adjusts one of the settings, the TV will show how that impacts its energy use. For those who also own a BRAVIA CAM, they can also set the TV to automatically reduce the display’s brightness when they exit the room to make a cup of tea or whatever, further reducing its environmental impact. Sony reckons this particular setting can reduce energy consumption by up to 32% for some users – we assume that assumes someone is making frequent trips to the loo/kitchen or whatever, as it amounts to quite an efficiency gain.

According to Sony, the Eco Dashboard is being rolled out to all Sony TV models powered by the MediaTek MT5895 processor in Europe, the U.S. and some other regions. The feature first appeared in this year’s Sony TVs, which use the same chipset, so we can assume this is why Sony has been able to bring it to its older models.

Sony listed the following models that should all receive the update:

  • From 2022: X80K, X81K, X82K, X85K, X89K, X90K/S, X92K, X93K, X94K/S, X95K, A75K, A80K, A83K, A84K, A90K
  • From 2021: X80J, X81J, X85J, X89J, X90J, X92J, X93J, X94J, X95J, A80J, A83J, A90J, Z9J
  • From 2020: XH90, XH92

The other aspect of the update provides some 2022 TV models only with a limited version of the new Game Menu that debuted in Sony’s 2023 TVs. It includes settings such as Motion Blur Reduction and a customisable virtual crosshair. It can be accessed by pressing the “123” button on the Sony remote during gaming sessions.

Sony said every TV will receive the update automatically over-the-air. However, if your particular model hasn’t been updated yet, it’s possible to download it manually via Sony’s support website.