Sony announces 15 new 4K HDR Bravia pro displays

Mike Wheatley

Sony has beefed up its lineup of professional Bravia 4K HDR displays for commercial use cases with the launch of 15 new models.


The displays fall into four separate series, covering high-end, mid-ranges and standard needs, and are available in a range of sizes from 43-inches all the way up to 98-inches.

Common features on the displays include high quality images, wider viewing angles, 24/7 operation, one step pre-set setting, Pro Mode technology for simplified fleet management and support for multi-display tiled installations.

The displays have a common chassis design, meaning that they can be swapped out for a brighter model without needing to fully redesign an installation.

The flagship professional display model is the Sony BZ50L, which is available in a single 98-inch size and features Sony XR video processing to deliver unrivaled picture quality at a peak brightness of 780 nits. Sony said it is 22% lighter and 28% slimmer than its predecessor, the Sony BZ50J. Making the display more portable and installation-friendly, it comes with ergonomic horizontal handles incorporated into the bottom, with vertical handles fitted at the top.

One step below is the Sony BZ40L series, which combines high brightness with a non-glare coating that helps to maintain deep blacks and high contrast. It’s powered by the Sony X1 processor and can hit up to 700 nits brightness at a high 47% haze with anti-reflection, with the exception of the FW-85BZ40L, which goes to 650 nits at 58% haze. It’s available as the FW-85BZ40L (85-inch); FW-75BZ40L (75-inch); FW-65BZ40L (65-inch) and FW-55BZ40L (55-inch).

Next is the Sony BZ35L series, which offers a full range of sizes and X1 processing at 440 nits brightness. Options include the the FW-85BZ30L (85-inch); FW-75BZ30L (75-inch); FW-65BZ30L (65-inch); FW-55BZ30L (55-inch); FW-50BZ30L (50-inch) and FW-43BZ30L (43-inch).

Last is the Sony BZ30L series, with size options including the FW-98BZ30L (98-inch), FW-85BZ30L (85-inch); FW-75BZ30L (75-inch); FW-65BZ30L (65-inch); FW-55BZ30L (55-inch); FW-50BZ30L (50-inch) and FW-43BZ30L (43-inch). These all offer X1 processing at 440 nits of brightness, with the exception of the FW-98BZ30L, which is powered by an XR processor.


Sony said the new displays all share sustainability features such as being made with recycled plastic, reduced ink on the cartons and an Eco Dashboard that helps users understand how various settings impact power consumption. In addition, the stand has been made an optional extra to avoid waste by those who don’t require it.

The Sony BZ50L, BZ40L and BZ35L series displays all come with greater storage at 32GB, compared to just 16GB on the previous generation models. Meanwhile, all of the new models feature a centre alignment rail kit for easy mounting, while the 98-inch displays have centre-aligned VESA patterns.

Finally, Sony said the entire lineup supports its Alliance Partner Network, ensuring compatibility with many established solutions providers in corporate, educational, retail and transportation applications.

Sony said the new professional displays will be available in Europe from August, with a three-year PrimeSupport package and an optional two-year extension available at purchase.