Sony adds flagship BVM-HX3110 to its pro reference monitor lineup

Mike Wheatley

Sony has lifted the lid on its latest professional-grade reference monitor for tasks such as critical evaluation, colour grading, live and post-production. It’s called the Sony BVM-HX3110, and is equipped with a dual layer, anti-reflection LCD panel that sports the company’s proprietary signal processing technology. This enables it to deliver super-high peak luminance of up to 4,000cd/m² together with deep blacks, the company said.


The Sony BVM-HX3110 monitor is aimed squarely at content creators who need an extremely accurate display to fine-tune their graphical and video-based content. To that end, it packs a ton of features, including a new IP interface that delivers enhanced flexibility, Sony said.

It boasts extremely accurate colour reproduction and precision imaging, together with “brighter spectacular highlights”, Sony added. There’s also a new, optional “fast pixel response mode” that helps to reduce motion blur. With this, pan and tilt movements are displayed with less motion blur, while scrolling tickers are easier to read and check. The combination of rapid video response and high brightness means that the display is far clearer than existing OLED competitors, Sony promised.

At 30.5-inches, it provides wider viewing angles of up to to 45°, without affecting the rich contrast ratio or high color fidelity. It comes with a standard IP interface for SMPTE ST2110 signals, complementing Sony’s own, Networked Live ecosystem. The Advanced AR processing feature is said to eliminate reflections so users can concentrate on their production work. It works by canceling out incoming ambient lights to the screen through optical wave cancellation, similar to how noise-canceling audio technology works. According to Sony, it all translates to better contrast, better black reproduction and a clearer images with minimal resolution degradation.

Other capabilities include Waveform Monitor/Vector Scope (WF/VS), false color, focus assist, closed captioning, 3D LUT processing, and quad and side-by-side viewing modes. There are supplemental benefits too, such as support for the new JPEG-XS format and the Simple Network Management Protocol via optional licenses. Also supported through optional licenses are HDR/SDR conversion and user 3D LUT signal-output, Sony said.

The BVM-HX3110 is said to use the same color gamut as Sony’s older reference monitors, ensuring compatibility with models including the BVM-HX310, PVM-X and LMD-A series displays, as well as the newly released LMD-A180, which is an 18.4-inch HD HDR high grade picture monitor.

Additionally, Sony said the BVM-HX3110 is compatible with the well-established BVM-HX310, which can be used as a companion model for consistency in color reproduction, gamma curve and other aesthetic aspects.

The Sony BVM-HX3110 will be on display at the 2023 NAB Show in Las Vegas from April 16-19, before going on sale in November.