Sony PS5 gets BBC iPlayer app and support for YouTube HDR

Mike Wheatley

Sony PlayStation 5 console owners have received a couple of interesting app updates this week that should make their non-gaming time a lot more enjoyable.


First up, the BBC iPlayer app has finally been made available on the console with support for UltraHD titles such as David Attenborough’s The Mating Game.

Meanwhile, a second app update means PS5 owners can now watch YouTube streams in HDR10, so long as the actual content supports it.

The BBC iPlayer app on PS5 is fully featured, with support for 4K resolution and High Dynamic Range content. So if users choose a show that supports either of those technologies, assuming they have a compatible TV, they’ll see much higher resolution and superior contrast compared to more standard content.

There’s a fair bit of content available in 4K, including shows such as The Girl Before, A Very British Scandal, Showtrial, and the submarine thriller Vigil.

The BBC’s head of product Neil Hall said in a blog post the BBC iPlayer app can be found within the All Apps section in the Media tab. Users just need to find it, add it to their apps library and it’ll appear directly on the PS5 home screen.

It’s notable that the iPlayer has been available on the rival Microsoft Xbox Series X/S consoles since before last Christmas, so the PS5 is a tad late to the party. But still, better late than never.

As for the YouTube app, this has been available on the PS5 since launch, but it has lacked a big feature – namely, support for HDR content.

That’s a big shame because YouTube is home to tons of HDR material. So console owners will be pleased to know the PS5 YouTube app has quietly received an update that adds support for HDR10 videos in the VP9-2 codec. So HDR is now supported on YouTube on the PS5 at up to 4K resolution at 60 frames per second.

A good source of HDR10 content on YouTube is The HDR Channel, which has some stunning videos – but of course you’ll need a compatible TV.

It’s probably also worth pointing out that PS5 users are once again late to the party, as Microsoft added YouTube HDR support for the Xbox Series X/S earlier this year.