Sky is Giving Away a Free 43-Inch LG 4K TV to New Subcribers

Mike Wheatley

Sky UK is trying to reel in new subscribers with an extremely tempting offer. It’s giving away a free 43-inch LG 4K TV to all new customers who sign up for its discounted Sky Q subscription.


Sky Q is the broadcaster’s premium “next-generation TV service” launched in 2016 that aims to “reimagine” how people watch TV. It does so by combining live broadcasts with streaming video applications like Netflix, on-demand content, music and more, across the whole gamut of devices including TVs, smartphones and tablets. One of the best things about Sky Q is it allows viewers to access content from anywhere. So for example, it’s possible to pause a movie playing on your TV and pick up where you left off from another devices, such as your smartphone, while you’re out and about.

The service is quite pricey however, starting at £55 per month in addition to a one-time £75 setup fee. Still, with LG’s 4K TV, which retails at £399.99, now being thrown in to sweeten the deal (albeit only while stocks last), the price tag suddenly looks to be a lot more reasonable.

Admittedly the LG TV isn't the greatest in the company's lineup. It's a regular LCD display and 43-inch screen probably won't be enough to satisfy everyone. But it is still a 4K TV and those who’re prepared to make do with the smaller display will be getting their hands on a very decent set nonetheless. The model sport’s LG’s latest IPS 4K panel, Quad Core processing power, Active HDR and multi-channel audio, among other features. It also comes with LG’s ThinQI artificial intelligence technology that allows for voice interaction and more.

More importantly perhaps, Sky Q does offer a decent amount of genuine 4K content, including movies and some sports action from time to time.

Anyone who takes Sky up on its offer will need to pay an additional £9.95 delivery fee on the 4K TV, which means the entire package will set them back £1,074.95 for 18 months. Still, bearing in mind that Sky was previously charging £65 per month for the service, and wasn’t offering a free TV, its much cheaper than the £1,653.95 subscribers would normally have to pay had they purchased both.

Sky’s current subscribers aren’t being left out either, as the company is slashing the price of its Sky Soundbox to just £220. The soundbox, which delivers “immersive 360° sound” from a single speaker, normally retails at £299 for existing customers, and £499 for everyone else.