Sky brings back its classic Beehive Bedlam game on Sky Q

Mike Wheatley

Sky said it has decided to bring back the classic mini-game Beehive Bedlam, adding the title to the library of games that Sky Q subscribers can access.


Beehive Bedlam was a fan-favorite puzzle game that debuted in the early 2000s as part of its original Sky Games service that closed down in January 2015. It was pretty revolutionary at the time. It was a spin on the classic Bubble Shooter game, with players having to shoot flowers at stack of coloured icons, matching the colour of each projectile to clear the “beehive” and move up to the next stage.

Younger players might find it’s similar to something like today’s Candy Crush. Older users will remember it as a simple yet addictive game that ended up filling hours of their time in an age where the vast majority of us didn’t yet have smartphones. It was a lot of fun.

Sky said Sky Q subscribers will be able to play Beehive Bedlam on their Sky Q or Sky Q Mini boxes. It gives people more options to kill time between their favorite TV shows, or simply another way to waste the day if you’re still stuck indoors because of the coronavirus.

There is also a replica, fan-made version of Beehive Bedlam that’s available to download on smartphones and PCs. But that apparently wasn’t enough to sate the demands of hardcore Beehive Bedlam fans, who even started a petition on to bring the game back to Sky’s platforms.

Sky is adding some neat new touches too, including a few basic voice commands. Simply say “start Beehive Bedlam” or “Bee Bee Bee” and the app will automatically start up, for example.

Other classic titles available through Sky Q include Cross Road, Solitaire Classic and Tetris.