Scenic Labs updates its MediaLight bias lighting range

Mike Wheatley

Scenic Labs has updated its line of MediaLight TV bias lighting and colour grading products, including a new dimmable bulb, lighting strips and lamp.


Bias lighting is designed for the discerning viewer as a way for them to enhance their TV’s visuals while preserving the integrity of the image on screen. They’re also used by design professionals and creatives who spend long hours staring at their monitors. As such, the lights are said to be able to help ease eye strain.

The company’s MediaLight products are known to be some of the best bias lighting around, capable of replicating the same hazy daylight colour temperature that’s recommended by video calibration experts, the company said. They’re also easy to set up and install, and can be operated by a universal remote control.

The MediaLight Mk2 Series includes a new, dimmable A19 bulb, a grading suite desk lamp, and a range of lighting strips. According to Scenic Labs, the new lights offer “outstanding simulated D65 accuracy”, a colour rendering index of ≥ 98, and Television Lighting Consistency Index of 99. In addition, the products have all been certified by the Imaging Science Foundation.

Scenic Labs is best known for its TV calibration tools, including Joe Kane’s Digital Video Essentials and the Spears & Munsil UHD HDR Benchmark.

It should be noted that the MediaLight bias lighting isn’t meant to wow the sense or extend the reach of the TV screen in any way. Instead, the company says it’s aiming for “reference quality” bias lighting that can help to boost the colours and contrast on screen without altering the original intent of the content creator. As such, Scenic Labs says the MediaLight Mk2 Series is tuned for a colour temperature of 6500K, which is the video industry standard for how the colour white should appear on a television screen.


“The capabilities of professional and consumer displays are constantly improving, and users spend considerable time getting their settings just right,” said Scenic Labs President Jason Rosenfeld. “Professionals have long known that low quality lights with poor colour rendering effectively ‘uncalibrate’ a display in the viewer’s eyes. The MediaLight Mk2 Series brings unparalleled accuracy to even the most colour-critical environments.”

Scenic Labs said its MediaLight Mk2 Series is available to buy now.