Samsung's premium Odyssey Ark gaming monitor goes on sale in UK

Mike Wheatley

Samsung Electronics has announced the launch of its the most advanced and premium model within its Odyssey gaming monitor range, called the Odyssey Ark.


The Samsung Odyssey Ark is aimed at delivering a premium gaming experience and is the world’s first 55-inch, 1,000 R curved gaming monitor with a 165Hz refresh rate and an impressive one millisecond response time, the company claims.

The imposing monitor is designed to totally immerse users in their gaming world, and comes with a unique “Cockpit Mode” that enables the display to rotate, tile and pivot on its height adjustable stand, to create the most optimal viewing conditions for each game.

It’s an immediately impressive beast even without its unique picture quality. The Odyssey Ark’s “Multi View” functionality enables the display to show up to four screens simultaneously when viewed horizontally, and three when it’s in the vertical position. This, Samsung said, will eliminate the need of some hardcore gamers for multiple monitor setups.


The “Flex Move Screen’ feature lets viewers adjust the viewing screen size from 55-inches down to just 27-inches if they prefer. The screen can switch between horizontal and vertical positions at the click of a button, and the aspect ratio can also be adjusted between 16:9, 21:9 and 32:9 using the Ark Dial controller.

Ha Hye-sung, executive vice president of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, said gamers crave new experiences. “The Odyssey Ark delivers access to a new world of gaming that will raise standards across the entire industry,” he promised.

The Samsung Odyssey Ark’s $3,499 price tag may be prohibitive for some, but the price is perhaps not so unreasonble when considering all it provides. This massive gaming display is the size of a typical TV, complete with all of the high-end features necessary to allow it to play console and PC games at their best. Throw in its various multitasking modes — and plethora of built-in streaming and gaming apps — and you have a display that can replace both a dual-monitor setup and a television for certain users.

Samsung said the Odyssey Ark will go on sale in the U.K. first, with other countries and regions to follow in the coming months.