Samsung's and LG's 2024 OLED TVs likely to see big price hikes

Mike Wheatley

Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics have given us their first pricing details for some of their highest-end 2024 OLED TV models, but if you were hoping for a bargain, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere, or at least wait for a few months before you go rushing out to buy one.


We don’t have any details of U.K. pricing in pounds just yet, but the retail price of new TVs in other countries generally – but not always – corresponds to our market.

The first to go ahead was Samsung, which last week announced (via WhatHiFi) the imminent availability of its flagship S95D OLED TV in Germany, with prices in euros that are likely to be indicative of the cost elsewhere.

Unfortunately, the 55-inch Samsung S95D is set to cost €2,799, while the 65-inch is priced at €3,699 and the 77-inch model retails for €5,199. That’s quite an increase from the cost of last year’s S95C, which was priced at €2499, €3,299 and €4,799 respectively for the 55-, 65- and 77-inch versions.

In other words, the 55-inch model has gone up by €300, with a €400 increase for the bigger flavors. That’s not an inconsiderable amount by anyone’s standards, and while it’s true that markets are constantly changing and they may not reflect the final pricing at the end of the year, it’s clear that Samsung’s most fancy OLED TVs aren’t going to be cheap, no matter how long you wait.

Those on a budget may want to consider LG’s alternative OLED models such as the LG C4, which is going to be substantially cheaper than the S95D if the new U.S. prices are anything to go by. LG’s USA subsidiary has just announced its full pricing for the C4, which is its second-tier model behind the G4. The prices, courtesy of TechRadar, are as follows:


In addition, the company also revealed U.S. prices for the LG G4, which is the highest-end flagship model that’s set to go toe-to-toe with the S95D:


As we can see, LG is raising its prices in almost every size category, with the sole exception being the 83-inch LG G4, which retains the same $6,499 price tag as last year’s G3. The 97-inch G4 will costs $24,999, which mirrors the price tag of 2022’s 97-inch LG G2 TV. Last year, LG didn’t offer such a massive G3 model.

What’s really likely to miff consumers is that the price of almost every sized LG C4 TV has been increased by $200. That’s because the C-Series OLED TV has always been one of the company’s most popular, with virtually all of the same features found in the G-Series, albeit at a substantially lower cost.

As mentioned, we can’t be sure that these prices will correspond exactly with those in the U.K. when they’re announced, but they can likely be relied upon as a very close guide of what you might expect to pay when they do go on sale here. Of course, most TV makers do reduce the asking price of their newer TV models towards the end of the year, so those who hold off on buying immediately may be able to find a deal that matches last year’s prices.