Samsung's Swiss pricing indicates 2021 Neo QLED TVs will cost more

Mike Wheatley

Samsung Electronics has announced official prices for its 2021 Neo QLED LCD TVs in Switzerland, and the vast majority of its next-generation models will be more expensive than the previous year’s equivalents.


That’s not really a surprise because Samsung claims that its new NEO QLED LCD TVs are able to deliver far superior images on screen due to their incorporation of Mini-LED backlights. The new panels use thousands of miniaturised LED backlights that enable more local dimming zones, and consequently, much better brightness and contrast. The TVs also sport a more advanced “Quantum Processor” with a local power distribution function that sends more power to the brighter parts of the picture and less to the darker parts, plus a sensor that helps to adjust the brightness and contrast according to the ambient lighting conditions in the room.

With all of these technological advancements, Samsung has decided that it needs to ask consumers to stump up a bit more cash, though there are some notable exceptions where the 2021 models may actually cost less than last year’s versions.

FlatPanels HD, which obtained Samsung’s Swiss pricing list, reveals that the new 65-inch, 8K resolution QN900A will be priced at 6,499 Swiss francs (around £5,363), whereas last year’s equivalent 8K model, the Q900T, went on sale for just 5,900 CHF (around £4,869). There are however, some enticing price reductions for the larger 75-inch and 85-inch QN900A models, which are priced at 7,999 CHF and 10,999 CHF respectively, versus the 8,499 CHF and 12,999 CHF price tags of the 2020 Q900T.

No doubt, the cheaper 75-inch and 85-inch 8K models are designed to tempt consumers into buying Samsung’s most advanced TVs, because there are no such discounts on this year’s premium 4K models. The high-end QN95A for example, will cost 2,399 CHF for the smallest 55-inch version, compared to 2,199 CHF for last year’s equivalent Q95T, while the 85-inch edition of that model is priced at 6,299 CHF, versus 5,999 CHF for the 2020 version.

One rung down sits the Samsung 4K QN90A TVs, and they will also cost more. Samsung said the 55-inch QN90A will cost 2,190 CHF in Switzerland versus 1,999 CHF for last year’s 55-inch Q90T, while the 75-inch QN90A is priced at 4,499 CHF compared to 4,299 CHF for the 2020 model.

It’s necessary to point out that Switzerland has a VAT rate of 7.7% and that Samsung's pricing will vary from region to region, but it’s likely that the company will announce similar price increases in the U.K. when they go on sale here.

Samsung’s 2021 TVs are expected to launch in March and April.