Samsung's 2023 soundbars hit the shops

Mike Wheatley

Samsung Electronics’ new soundbars have gone on sale in the U.K., Europe and the U.S. The lineup includes the flagship Q990C, an 11.1.4-channel soundbar with support for Dolby Atmos, and a number of more affordable but less capable models.


These days, Samsung refreshes its soundbar lineup every year, matching the output rate of its TVs that are released annually. As this is the third year in which it has annually released new soundbars, all of the models are designated with a “C”, whereas last year’s were all “B” models.

The new Samsung Q990C is the most powerful setup, with the 11.1.4-channel system incorporating a pair of wireless rear speakers and a wireless subwoofer, in addition to the soundbar itself. It’s designed to produce the most immersive and atmospheric sound, with both up-firing and side-firing speakers housed within both the main soundbar and the external speakers.

According to Samsung, though the Q990C has the same number of channels as the Q990B it replaces, it has superior algorithms that work to optimize the sound output based on the living room environment. The soundbar is also compatible with Samsung’s SmartThings smart home protocol.

Samsung’s other soundbars include the Q930C, Q900C, Q800C, Q700C, Q600C and Q60C, and each of them supports Dolby Atmos to generate a more immersive listening experience. Some of them also support wireless connectivity to compatible Samsung TVs, and the Q-Symphony feature makes it possible for the soundbar to act in concert with the TV’s speaker system.

The main difference between the models is the number of channels they support, with progressively fewer the lower you go down the list. The Q930C is a 9.1.4-channel setup, while the Q900C offers 7.1.2-channel sound and the Q800C goes down to 5.1.2-channels. The Samsung Q700C and Q600C both support just 3.1.2-channels, while the Q60C offers 3.1-channel sound.

While this year’s premium soundbars are designated with a “C”, Samsung has somewhat confusingly also announced a C-series of budget soundbars, made up of the Samsung C450, C430 and C400, which offer 2.1 and 2.0-channel sound, respectively. They come with a “Night Mode” feature that reduces the base and dampens loud sounds at night, so as not to disturb the kids upstairs or the neighbours.

In addition, Samsung is still selling its slimline S-series soundbars, the S800B and S801B, which carry over from the previous year.

Samsung said its 2023 soundbars are available to buy now at retailers.