Samsung unboxes its 2022 Neo QLED TVs

Mike Wheatley

Samsung Electronics this week confirmed its U.K. Neo QLED 8K and 4K TV prices during its virtual Unbox & Discover event, saying they’ll likely launch by April 25.


The company is taking pre-orders for most of its new TVs now, and the listings are available on its website along with a host of new features buyers can expect. Of the nine new models in its range, Samsung said six are available to pre-order now, with prices starting at £1,399 for the 43-inch Samsung QN90B, rising to £10,999 for the flagship 8K 85-inch QN900B (pictured, above).

Here’s a full rundown of the prices we know so far. Note that the Samsung QN60B, QN70B and QN80B are not yet available to pre-order:


As far as the new features on display, the event showcased multiple upgrades available on this year’s models. Perhaps the most important is the new Neural Quantum Processor 8K, which sits at the heart of the new 8K TVs and provides 20 independent neural networks that work to analyze the content and adjust the image to suit the screen. Samsung said the result will be improved foreground features, with its Real Depth Enhancer feature also helping to optimise for superior contrast and background elements.

The displays are made up of powerful Quantum MiniLEDs that ensure more precise lighting and help to reduce blooming effects. Samsung said its Shape Adaptive Light Control tech will help to ensure the brightest areas of the screen remain bright, while darker areas stay dark. The backlighting has also been bumped up from 12-bit to 14-bit, increasing the number of luminance points. In addition, Samsung’s TVs are all Pantone Validated, meaning they’re guaranteed to hits more than 2,000 colours and 110 skin tone shades.

The flagship QN900B Neo QLED is said to come with a 90 watt 6.2.4-channel sound system on board, including new top channel speakers and support for Dolby Atmos, a first on Samsung TVs. Other features include Adaptive Sound and SpaceFit Sound, which help to adapt the audio by working out where on the screen the sound is supposed to emanate from, then adjusting how it’s delivered. There’s also Object Tracking Sound Pro and Voice Tracking Sound, which adapt the sound in a way their name suggests.

Samsung fans will be most delighted about the support for Wireless Dolby Atmos though. This means there’s no need for HDMI cables to connect an external sound system to create surround sound effects. Samsung said the surround sound setup can be enhanced with its new Q Series 990 Soundbar or its new Ultra Slim Soundbar range.

Tizen Platform

As always, Tizen is being improved with a new Smart Hub interface that sports three key tabs to help viewers. Media is the place to go for everyday viewing, with on-demand channels and streaming apps, plus Samsung TV Plus, which has 190 free channels of its own.


Then there’s the Gaming Hub, which provides access to a number of streaming games. These games are made available in partnership with Nvidia GeForce, Google Stadi, Utomik and other partners, Samsung said. Many of Samsung’s new TVs will feature a motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro technology that promises to deliver 144Hz refresh rates at 4K, with a low input lag of less than 5ms. Other gaming features include an Ultrawide Game View plus a Zoom Function that helps gamers to pick up on key elements such as mini-maps on the game interface.

Finally there’s the Ambient tab, which transforms the TV into a canvas where users can drop various images and artwork. The company has also integrated an NFT marketplace for the first time, so users who’re fans of crypto art will be able to buy unique visuals to personalise their TV in a way that wasn’t possible before.

What Else?

A few other neat features worth a mention include the Multi View option that splits the display into four screens at once, Google Duo and Smart Trainer, and Samsung Things compatibility, meaning the TV can connect to other devices.

With Samsung’s Infinity One Design, its Neo QLED TVs sport the most minimal bezel ever seen and they can now be placed flush against the wall with the new SlimFit Wall Mount. There’s also a Full Motion Slim Wall Mount that adds the flexibility required to move the screen slightly from left to right or tilt it forward, so it perfectly aligns with the viewer’s seating position even when it’s wall mounted.

Last but not least, Samsung said its 2022 Neo QLED TVs come with a new SolarCell remote control that’s 88% more efficient than its 2020 models. As the name suggests it’s battery free, charging itself using both sunlight and ambient light, in addition to radio frequencies such as those emanating from a Wi-Fi router.