Samsung sold more QD-OLED TVs than Sony last year, raises sales target for 2023

Mike Wheatley

Data from the market research firm Omdia shows that Samsung Electronics’ S95B QD-OLED TV outsold Sony’s A95K model, which is based on the same display technology.


It also noted that a decision by Samsung and Sony to dramatically slash the prices of their QD-OLED TVs in the second half of 2022 had big repercussions for the wider OLED TV market, forcing LG Electronics to revisit its own pricing strategy.

"The steep price drop affected the increase in QD-OLED TV shipments and expanded the possibility of a price drop throughout the OLED TV market,” said Omdia’s senior research manager Ken Park in the report. “Further, in terms of Samsung’s premium lineup, the price drop caused relatively low sales in its Mini LED product category.”

“Sony's shipment drop and Samsung's drastic price reduction shocked the entire OLED TV market, affecting LG Electronics’ WOLED sales price strategy as well,” Park added.

Omdia said it’s forecasting the total QD-OLED TV sales from Samsung and Sony to reach 440,000 units globally. We’ll only know the exact figures when the two companies divulge their fourth quarter financial results in the coming weeks.

Looking to 2023, Omdia said Samsung Electronics has an internal target of over one million QD-OLED TV sales. What’s more, the success of QD-OLED in the second half of 2022 has prompted the company to adjust its product strategy for the new year.

Park said that previously, Samsung’s priority for target quantity was its Mini-LED TVs, rather than QD-OLED.

“Samsung’s initial target for QD-OLED TVs in 2022 was 600,000 units, but in reality, it did not exceed 400,000 units,” Park said. “This is because the Mini LED TV shipment target was still high, and Samsung prioritized the product strategy and target volume for this lineup. While Samsung’s 2023 QD OLED TV target is set at over 1 million units, the sales target for Mini LED TVs has not been raised.”

One of the reasons Samsung is able to set its target so much higher is that Samsung Display, the subsidiary that manufacturers the QD-OLED panels, has been able to increase its production yield rate to greater than 80%, Omdia said.

This year, Samsung is planning to launch two QD-OLED models that will be available in 55-inch, 65-inch, and for the first time, 77-inch sizes. The Samsung S95C succeeds last year’s S95B, and is an ultra-thin model that comes with an external One Connect box that hides the cables away. The Samsung S90C will be a more affordable model that comes without the external box, and both models will feature an upgraded panel that’s able to achieve higher brightness.

Meanwhile, Samsung Display also expects to ship its QD-OLED panels to additional TV manufacturers this year, including TCL, Sharp and Philips.