Samsung Readies Firmware Update to Fix Issues with 8K TVs

Mike Wheatley

Samsung’s 8K resolution Q900R TV range is about to get an important firmware update that’s designed to fix a number of flaws. These include a “backlight pulsing” problem that has led to several complaints from reviewers and consumers alike.


News of the impending update was revealed to tech journalist John Archer, who wrote in Forbes that the while Samsung’s 4K TVs deliver otherwise outstanding images, they also suffer from no less than four picture quality issues that can occasionally impact its overall performance.

The backlight pulsing issue was said to be the most prominent, occurring with alarming regularity in monotone parts of the pictures. Other issues include backlight blooming around bright objects, a lack of intensity in peak light areas around dark backdrops, and problems with shadow detail in very dark areas of the pictures.

While Samsung hasn’t confirmed when the update will roll out, Archer says it’s likely to arrive “some time this week”. He added that the difference made following the update is “dramatic” as it completely fixes the main pulsing issue, and also improves the others.

“Where previously an isolated bright area would cause pronounced backlight haloing to seep a good few centimeters into the darkness around it, now the intensity and extent of the clouding has been drastically reduced,” Archer said after seeing a short demo of the newly upgraded TVs. “This makes high contrast scenes look much more convincing and consistent.”

The upgrade has also improved the intensity of the brighter parts of mostly dark images, and reveals more shadow detail in dark areas. Better still, the fixes haven’t affected the Samsung TV’s reportedly excellent black levels, Archer said.