Samsung Patents Design for a Wireless TV That Doesn't Need a Power Cable

Mike Wheatley

Samsung is reportedly developing what could be the world’s first truly wireless TV that would eliminate the need for a power cable.


The revelation comes from a patent application filed by Samsung in March 2018 that was only made public last month, and first spotted by Dutch website LetsGoDigital.

Samsung’s efforts aren’t really a surprise as it has already made efforts to reduce the number of cables sticking out of its TVs. For example with its most recent models, such as its new flagship Q90R QLED and its luxury Serif TVs, the company introduced what it calls a “One Connect” box that houses all of their cable connects. With this, all of the cumbersome HDMI, USB and AV ports typically found on the back of the TV are moved to an external box connected to the main hardware by a single cable that can be easily hidden away.

But now, Samsung wants to do away with that single remaining cable.

The idea is to built a TV capable of charging itself wirelessly, similar to some smartphones. The patent describes a wireless power transmission system in the form of a minimal transceiver that connects magnetically to the back of the TV. This transceiver talks to a wireless transmitter box that’s connected to the mains power supply.

It’s not immediately clear if there are any practical benefits of having a wireless TV, beyond eliminating a jungle of wires stuffed away behind it.

Wireless power isn’t a new concept, but early iterations have been fairly limited. Most smartphones that can charge wirelessly need to be place on a special charging pad, and have fairly slow power transmission rates. It’s not clear from the patent description how fast Samsung’s wireless TVs would be able to charge themselves, however.

As with all patents, there’s no guarantee that it will lead to an actual working product. But if it does happen, it’s most likely that Samsung would introduce the concept at a major trade exhibition such as the Consumer Electronics Show or IFA.