Samsung Health app comes to select 2020 QLED TVs

Mike Wheatley

Samsung’s comprehensive TV fitness program Samsung Health is now available on select 2020 QLED TVs, the company said this week.


The Samsung Health app on Tizen enables fitness freaks to sync all of their health data from the TV with their smartphones and wearable devices. The data shows up in a unified dashboard that displays key health metrics and provides access to various workout and mindfulness sessions, the company said.

In addition, the Health app enables users to establish a daily exercise routine that reminds you when it’s time to switch off whatever you’re watching to go and do your daily workout. It also allows users to set personal goals and health challenges.

The app is launching with four content partners, including Calm, Echelon, Jillian Michaels, and Fitplan. The idea is to try and provide healthy activities for everyone, with available classes including mindfulness, strength training, yoga, barre, pilates, dance, cardio and more. Samsung said it hopes to add more partners in the future.

Of course, the app is for now limited to Samsung’s 2020 QLED TVs only, which means it will only have a limited audience at launch as those models have only been on sale for a month. Some users may also have concerns about user privacy regarding the data the app collects.

Samsung insisted all of the health data it collects is stored in the cloud, and will not be saved locally to the TV where it could be used by advertisers or hacked.

“The whole intention of Samsung Health is to motivate our consumers to live healthier lives by meeting them wherever they are, across Samsung platforms,” said Won-Jin Lee, Executive Vice President of Service Business at Samsung Electronics. “We knew that to do this, we needed to develop a user-centric and immersive platform that offered a variety of in-home fitness and wellness options. Given the current climate, we hope that the launch of Samsung Health makes it easier for our consumers to prioritise their physical and mental wellbeing on a daily basis.”