Samsung Gaming Hub adds Amazon Luna for UK gamers

Mike Wheatley

Amazon’s cloud gaming service Amazon Luna has landed on the Samsung Gaming Hub, meaning it’s now accessible to all Samsung 2021-2023 smart TVs in Canada, Germany and the U.K.


The expanded availability of Amazon Luna means Samsung TV owners in these countries can now play high-quality, immersive video games without buying any gaming hardware.

Samsung Gaming Hub provides access to a range of cloud gaming services, including Xbox Live and Nvidia’s GeForce. U.S.-based Samsung TV owners have had access to Amazon Luna for a while too. The Gaming Hub launched back in June 2022, bringing better, faster and more convenient access to some of the world’s top video games. It taps into Samsung’s expertise in hardware and software to provide an optimal gaming experience.

Amazon Luna is available to all Amazon Prime subscribers and provides access to a rotating selection of games at no additional cost. In April, these included games such as Yakuza Kiwami 2, Horizon Chase Turbo, The Jackbox Games Party Pack 3 and The Adventure Pals.

Users can also subscribe to Luna+ and gain access to additional games across various genres, while an Ubisoft Multi Access subscription allows them to play a catalog of popular AAA titles. Users can also subscribe to Jackbox Games and access a limited number of family-friendly games.

Samsung’s Director of TV/AV Dan Hastings announced he was very excited about Amazon Luna joining the Samsung Gaming Hub, saying it provides viewers with more choice to play the games they love and discover new ones. “Samsung Gaming Hub is a one-stop shop for all gamers needs and with Amazon Luna, we’re delighted to offer gamers nearly one thousand games to play instantaneously on Samsung Smart TVs,” he added.

Samsung TV owners will need to download the Luna app first of all, then login with their Amazon account. Then, they can connect a special Luna controller or another compatible Bluetooth controller, or simply use the Luna phone controller app to transform their smartphone into a control pad. The games will be streamed directly to their TV.

Amazon Luna+ subscriptions cost £8.99 per month, while Ubisoft+ Multi Access is available for £14.99 per month. Jackbox Games costs just £3.99 per month.