Samsung Announces 'Out of this World' Prize Giveaway

Mike Wheatley

Samsung is enticing consumers to consider buying one of its premium 2019 TV sets, offering them the chance to win one of several “Out of this World” experiences that money can’t buy.


The offer is being made to anyone who purchases one of its 2019 QLED TVs, as well as its luxury lifestyle models “The Frame” and “The Serif” and a select number of its regular LCD TVs.

The “Out of this World” premise is based on the fact that Samsung claims its latest TVs offer an unrivaled viewing experience, thanks to new technologies including 8K resolution, AI upscaling and its latest Q-Series soundbars that deliver crisp and clean audio.

“For the past 50 years, Samsung has paved the way for audio visual technology and has now made dull screens a thing of the past with its award-winning QLED 8K TV,” the company said. “Paired alongside a 2019 Samsung Q-series soundbar, customers will be able to experience technology that is truly ‘Out of this World’”.

Samsung said it’s giving away several unique experiences in the competition, with the premier prize being a “once-in-a-lifetime” seven day trip to NASA’s headquarters in Washington D.C., which includes a trip to the legendary Kennedy Space Centre. The NASA trip is exclusively available to buyers of Samsung’s Q950R 8K QLED TV, but it’s also offering some great experiences for those who opt for different models.

For example there’s the chance to win a 3-night trip to see the Northern Lights in Reykjavik, Iceland, available to buyers of any 2019 QLED TV. Other prizes include trips to Paris and Marrakech in Morocco, coral reef diving, swimming with seals and many more unique experiences.

There will also be hundreds of consolation prizes in the form of exclusive codes for 4K movies available to rent via Rakuten. In addition, shoppers who buy a 2019 Samsung Q-series soundbar alongside a Samsung TV will be eligible for a 50% cashback, the company said.

Samsung said the “Out of this World” competition is available to buyers at participating retailers John Lewis, Richer Sounds and Currys PC World both in-store and online.