Ricoh debuts 3 new daytime-friendly 3LCD laser projectors

Mike Wheatley

The Japanese imaging specialist Ricoh, a subsidiary of PFU America, is adding three new laser projectors to its 2024 lineup, including what is said to be its first short-throw model, plus a super-bright yet compact model that’s suitable for use in a range of different environments.


In fact, it’s fair to say that all three of Ricoh’s new models are impressively bright. First up in the new collection is the Ricoh WUL5A40ST (above), which is the ultra short-throw model built around a WUXGA box with advanced 3LCD projection technology, capable of hitting up to 4,500 lumens of brightness.

The Ricoh WUL5A40ST has a somewhat interesting visual design, looking akin to a frightened, one-eyed animal, but it is also a very capable model nonetheless. It operates using multi-module laser diodes and promises to deliver “stunning visuals and lifelike colour reproduction”, with Ricoh saying that even if one of the diodes fails, the “overall brightness remains relatively unaffected.”

According to Ricoh, the WUL5A40ST’s 3LCD projection engine maxes out at just 1,920 x 1,200 pixels and delivers 16.10-aspect visuals at up to 150 diagonal inches, though it can accept 4K input nonetheless. Moreover, over a billion colours are supported, along with 5,000,000:1 contrast. There’s a manual zoom feature, plus vertical and horizontal keystone correction to ensure flexible placement, with support for four-corner, six-point and curved adjustments.

For connectivity, there are plenty of options including HDMI 1.4, Mini D-USB and USB Type-A ports, plus an Etherenet LAN. There’s a 16-watt mono speaker built into the device, which Ricoh says is primarily aimed at users in business, educational and digital signage settings. The device itself measures 390 x 319 x 132 mm, and is on sale now at Ricoh’s network of AV resellers, priced at $2,750.

Moving on, and Ricoh’s new compact projector is called the PJ WUL5A50, which has been designed for “daily use in a variety of environments”. Once again, it is based on a 3LCD projection engine with a multi-module light source that is capable of hitting 5,200 lumens of brightness. It offers the same resolution as the above model, albeit it can throw up an image measuring 300-inches diagonally. Although it’s said to be more compact and portable, the dimensions are only slightly smaller at 390 x 294 x 116 mm. The price tag is also only slightly lower, with Ricoh asking for $2,600 for this particular model.


Last but not least, there’s the Ricoh PJ WUL6760, which is said to sit at the bottom of the company’s high-end laser projector lineup. It also delivers WUXGA visuals at up to 300-inches, and features a 3LCD projection engine capable of hitting 6,000 lumens, making it an ideal choice for those who need visuals that can “be seen clearly in a variety of settings, including brightly lit rooms,” the company said. It boasts superior connectivity options too, with HDMI 2.0 and HDBaseT inputs. Unfortunately the company isn’t saying how much this one costs, and instead invites interested buyers to request more information. As such, you can bet it won't be cheap.


“We are thrilled to offer these three new laser projectors featuring Ricoh’s innovative projector lens technology, the proven choice for many projector manufacturers around the world,” said PFU America Chief Executive and President Daisuke Kutsuwada. “We are particularly excited to enter the short-throw projector category to meet the evolving needs of our customers and partners.”