Report: LG's flagship 2024 OLED models to support VRR at 144Hz

Mike Wheatley

In keeping with its naming convention, LG Electronics’s 2024 OLED TV models will be known as the LG B4, LG C4 and LG G4 when they’re announced early next year. What’s more, there’s an exciting development in store too, as the higher-end B4 and C4 models are expected to support 144Hz variable refresh rates over HDMI, up from 120Hz in this year’s models.


The information on the new display capabilities comes from the chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices, which reportedly certified the C4 and G4 OLED TVs for its FreeSync Premium technology in September and October, FlatPanels HD reported. It’s said to have certified 48-inch, 55-inch and 77-inch versions of those TVs.

In an AMD database that was posted online, the LG BC is said to to a 40Hz-120Hz VRR range, suggesting it will be equipped with a regular 120Hz OLED panel. However, the C4 and the G4 models are listed as having a range of 40Hz-144Hz, which implies they’ll be fitted with a more advanced panel than this year’s models.

The AMD database also lists a new QNED 85 LCD TV as having a 48Hz-120Hz VRR range.

LG Electronics traditionally unveils its new TV models each year at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, and although the company has revealed very little about what we can expect so far, rumours have emerged of a second-generation Micro Lens Array OLED panel that will bring even higher brightness to the G4 series. It’s not clear if the C4 will have the same panel or not, but the G-series OLED TVs are usually always a touch higher-specced.

We’ll likely learn more towards the end of December, as LG usually previews some of its coming developments in the weeks before CES kicks off.

This year’s LG OLED TVs support VRR at up to 120Hz, the maximum refresh rate of its existing OLED panels. By increasing the refresh rate to 144Hz, LG’s OLED TVs would be more suitable for PC games, which support those higher refresh rates. Video games consoles like the Xbox and PS5 do not currently support 144Hz, so there would be little benefit to them.

Assuming it does indeed increase its panel refresh rate to 144Hz, LG would match its rivals Samsung and TCL, which both offer 144Hz panels in their highest-end TVs.

A few other tidbits have emerged from South Korean media sources regarding LG’s 2024 OLED TVs, with claims that the company intends to launch a new successor to its Alpha 9 processor. The next-generation Alpha 10 chip is said to feature a powerful neura processing unit, or NPU, that would support more advanced artificial intelligence capabilities – though it’s not clear what those might be.

In addition, Korean news sites recently released the first images of the 55-inch LG C4 (left) and 77-inch LG G4 (right), grabbing them from the certification database that’s published online.


The images suggest that the brighter and more energy-efficient MLA OLED panel will be exclusive to the G4 model, and not appear on the C4. That’s because MLA OLED features a superior anti-reflective coating, which doesn’t appear to be visible on the published images.