Portrait Displays debuts its most sensitive colorimeter yet for HDR displays

Mike Wheatley

The TV calibration software firm Portrait Displays has announced availability of its latest hardware, the C7 HDR Colorimeter. It’s one of its most sensitive light measuring devices ever made, and is said to deliver big advances in high-luminance accuracy and also its low-light capabilities.


According to Portrait Displays, the introduction of high-dynamic range displays in both the consumer and professional markets has led to the need for colorimeters with increased sensitivity and accuracy for high-luminance and low-light, in order to better calibrate these next-generation displays. The majority of colorimeters available to calibrators today do not provide the sensitivity required to strike the correct balance between high-luminance and low-light reading capacity.

The new C7 HDR Colorimeter is designed to bridge this gap, setting new standards for the colorimeter industry in terms of its versatility and precision while still being relatively affordable.

The company said it’s capable of measuring extreme luminance at up to 10,000 cd/m² (nits) with industry-leading accuracy, while also being sensitive enough to register a low, minimum luminance of just 0.002 cd/m². With such extreme sensitivity, the C7 HDR Colorimeter promises to satisfy the demand of even professional calibrators at what the company insists is a “groundbreaking” price point

Some of the features onboard the device include “virtually unlimited” custom Spectral Matrix Corrections, which enables calibrators to optimise a wide range of display types with incredible accuracy. What’s more, Portrait Displays said the device is capable of being upgraded in the field, effectively future-proofing it for newer display technologies that emerge, without it needing to be returned to the factory. It also provides “generous onboard memory” to ensure it can be used in the long term as display technology evolves, removing the need for frequent hardware replacements.

Perhaps the best thing about the C7 HDR Colorimeter is its versatility. The company said it is compatible with just about every kind of display type available today, including the WRGB OLED displays pioneered by LG Display, QD-OLED from Samsung Display, and also RGB OLED, Mini-LED and even Micro-LED, which many believe has the potential to one day surpass OLED in the consumer market.

Its exposure rating ranges from 256ms to 16 seconds and it comes with a detachable cable so users can switch between USB-C to USB-A and in reverse.

The C7 HDR Colorimeter also improves on previous models in terms of storage capacity, with hundreds of memory slots to accommodate different display devices. It can be managed directly using Calman’s flagship calibration software, providing everything pro calibrators need in a single package.

“The C7 HDR embodies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of color calibration technology, ensuring that creators and consumers have confidence in content creation and consumption, a truly lens-to-living room experience,” said Portrait Display’s president and chief executive Eric Brumm.

The new device is available now in Portrait Display's online store at a price of just $299, or $399 for the consumer bundle that includes Calman Home for LG or Panasonic, saving $45 on the cost if they were purchased separately. There’s also a professional bundle for expert calibrators, which includes the C7 HDR, VideoForge PRO 8K, and a choice of Calman Ultimate, Calman Studio, or Calman Video Pro, priced at $2,249.

Portrait Displays said the device will start shipping to buyers before the end of the month.