Portrait Displays' Calman calibration software now supports Hisense TVs

Mike Wheatley

Portrait Displays, maker of the popular display calibration software Calman, has said it’s partnering with Hisense to enable extremely accurate and precise calibrations of that company’s TVs.


It explained that its Calman AutoCal software now supports 1D/3D LUT calibrations for both SDR and HDR on Hisense TVs. Previously, these kinds of calibrations were only possible using extremely expensive hardware, the company said.

The Calman AutoCal software is said to support a wide range of Hisense’s TV models, including those that run Android TV (mainly in the U.S.) and those with VIDAA OS (mostly Europe). The support notably extends to Hisense’s premium 2023 and 2024 Mini-LED and OLED TVs, Portrait Displays added.

Today’s updates come with the latest Calman 5.15.4 release, with another key update meaning that all professional license levels for that software now support autonomous calibration for SDR and HDR playback. Support will be extended to consumer-level licenses later this year, it added.

Portrait Display’s President and CEO Eric Brumm said Hisense’s decision to support Calman Ready demonstrates a strong commitment to ensuring top-tier image quality on its TVs. “This collaboration empowers Hisense TV owners with access to industry-leading calibration tools and extends our calibration-as-a-service partners another opportunity to elevate their offerings,” he said.

David Gold, President of Hisense Americas and Hisense USA, said he was equally “thrilled” to partner with Portrait Displays, saying that the collaboration brings a “revolutionary, fully automated calibration capability” to its premium U Series TV models. “This partnership will deliver unparalleled quality and enhanced user experience to our customers,” he added.

The partnership builds on last year’s launch of “Calman-ready” Pentonic 1000 processors by MediaTek, which makes the computer chips that power the TVs of multiple big name brands, including Samsung Electronics, Panasonic, Philips, Sony and Hisense. The Calman-ready chips introduce native support for Calman AutoCal to any TVs they power, making the software much easier to use. In addition, any TV that uses the MediaTek Pentonic 1000 chips is entitled to join the Calman Integrated Solutions program.

Hisense pointed out that its Calman Ready integration not only brings enhanced support for the software, but also benefits calibration-as-a-service partner, enabling retailers to perform consistent calibrations of Hisense TVs sold in their stores.

Consumers who’re interested in calibrating their Hisense TVs themselves should note that they will need more than just the Calman software. They’ll also need a specialized calibration device called a Colorimeter, such as Portrait Display’s C7 HDR Colorimeter.