Philips won't be launching any more TVs this year, not even QD-OLED

Mike Wheatley

Philips has shot down widespread rumours that it is planning to launch its first QD-OLED-based TV later this year, saying that it is still evaluating the display technology and will focus exclusively on LG’s new Micro Lens Array-based WhiteOLED displays this year.


In addition, the company revealed that it will not be launching an even more premium model later this year, as it normally does, meaning there won’t be any new Philips OLED938 TV.

Typically, Philips has a habit of announcing its first TVs of the year at a special event in January or February, followed by the launch of additional premium models at IFA in August or September. However, the company said that the high-end flagship Philips OLED+908 and the Philips OLED808 and OLED708 models will be its only premium OLED TVs this year.

This all came from Danny Tack, Philips Senior Director of Product Strategy and Planning, and so it should clearly be believed. He revealed that the company opted not to launch a QD-OLED model this year because it was extremely impressed with LG Display’s new and improved MLA-based WOLED display, which delivers much higher brightness than previous-generation panels. It also enables wider viewing angles and is more energy efficient.

The new Philips OLED+908 is the only model that uses this display technology, with the OLED808 and OLED708 using OLED EX and standard OLED displays. OLED EX was introduced by LG last year, and provides superior brightness compared to its standard WOLED panels, but doesn’t hit the same heights as MLA-based WOLED.

The three new TVs - the OLED+908, OLED808 and OLED708 all sport a new processor that’s based on MediaTek’s new Pentonic 1000 chip, meaning they can support 4K/120Hz gaming with Dolby Vision. They’re the first TVs to introduce this feature, aside from LG Electronics, which added the capability to its 2022 OLED TVs.

Regarding QD-OLED, Tack explained that the company is continuing to evaluate the new display technology developed by Samsung Display, and that it could well launch its first such TVs in 2024. Philips hasn’t totally rejected the tech this year, as it has already unveiled its first QD-OLED monitor.

Tack also said there would be no successor to last year’s OLED937 TV, which sports a more powerful Bowers & Wilkins audio system than the OLED907. It was expected that the company would announce a new, Philips OLED938 later in the year but Tack said there are no plans to do so. The Philips+908 will therefore be the company’s most advanced TV in 2023, and it still comes with a very capable B&W sound system, though it’s not quite as powerful as the one found in the Philips OLED937.

More details on the new Philips OLED+908 in this video: