Philips returns to North America with new premium audio products

Mike Wheatley

Philips’ audio brand is returning to North America with the launch of five new products in the U.S. and Canada, including a high-end 3.1.2 channel Dolby Atmos soundbar, a new wireless speaker and a trio of premium headphones.


The return of Philips to North America is the result of a global licensing partnership between the company and TPV USA. Kevin Brinkman, sales and marketing chief at TPV USA, said he was delighted to announce the brand is returning to North America.

“Whether you're an audiophile looking for high-end designs and premium sound, an active consumer looking for comfort and convenience for an on-the-go lifestyle or a movie enthusiast who wants to create theater quality at home, there's a Philips product for you,” he insisted.

The Philips B8905 Soundbar (pictured, above) is a 3.1.2 channel system that offers a punchy 600 watt of maximum output power, providing punchy sound and crystal clear dialogue, the company insisted. It also supports Dolby Atmos with its up-firing speakers designed to create a properly immersive, surround sound experience. The soundbar also plays nicely with DTS Play-Fi, which means it can be added to compatible wireless speakers as part of a larger multi-room audio setup, Philps explained.

If you’re looking for a compatible wireless speaker to do just that, the Philips W6205 Wireless Speaker should fit the bill. Described as a “vertically-oriented” audio speaker, it delivers a broad range of wireless connectivity besides DTS Play-Fi, with Bluetooth, Google Chomecast, Apple AirPlay 2 and Wi-Fi all supported.

Both the B8905 Soundbar and the W6205 wireless speaker will go on sale next month, Philips said.

The other three products announced this week include two noise-canceling headphones, the Philips Fidelo L3 and Philips H9505 that are available to buy now, and the Philips A7306 in-ear headphones that will go on sale next month.

Philips has a much smaller presence in the U.S. than in Europe. At present, it’s possible to buy some entry-level and mid-range Philips TV sets in North America as part of its partnership with P&F USA. But there has been some talk in the past about the company bringing some of its higher-end models, including its OLED TVs and its Mini-LED LCD models that come with Ambilight to the U.S. as well, but so far that hasn't materialized.