Panasonic shows off wireless OLED TV concept at IFA 2022

Mike Wheatley

Panasonic got lots of attention at IFA 2022 for its latest OLED TV concept, which involves a screen that can hang from the ceiling or wall with only a wire, and a completely separate box for all of its connections and cables.


The TV, which was spotted by TechRadar, relies on a high-speed wireless connection that’s capable of sending a full-quality 4K image. Because of this, the external box can be tucked away somewhere out of sight, meaning no ugly wires dangling below the TV.

Admittedly the technology itself is not especially groundbreaking or new, as Samsung has implemented an external connection box with a single cable in models such as the Samsung QN95B for a couple of years already. Moreover, wireless 4K HDMI adapters can also be purchased separately.

However, Panasonic seems to be the first TV maker to have thought of combining the two, while taking advantage of the slimness of OLED displays. Together, they allowed it to come up with a connection box design that helps the TV to seamlessly blend into the home decor, better than just about any TV has managed so far - with the exception of Samsung’s The Frame TV, perhaps.

Notably though, even The Frame requires mounting on a clunky wall bracket, which is not always the most convenient option. Panasonic’s method, which takes advantage of the TV’s low weight of just 10kg, is to simply hang the TV from a wire. It’s both simpler and cleaner and feels somewhat more modern and sophisticated. It could also lead to new possibilities for some, as it means they have the freedom to place the TV anywhere in their home, without worrying about the need to connect other devices to it.

A word of warning though - the TV does still need power, so there is one cable. However, even this rolls up very cleverly at the rear without adding any bulk. The design lets users quickly move it around their home without committing to drilling holes and purchasing a wall bracket.

Moreover, for those who still want physical connectivity and can come up with some way to disguise those ugly cables, there are two recessed HDMI ports in the rear of the display, one of which is marked 4K 120. There are also two USB ports.