Orbitsound Updates Its Wireless Speaker System

Mike Wheatley

British audio firm Orbitsound’s latest wireless speaker featuring its proprietary Airsound technology goes on sale today.


Fans of Orbitsound will already know and appreciate its Airsound tech, which creates a kind of stereo-like sound effect from a single speaker and helps to eliminate the problem of having a single “sweet spot” in the room where the sound is replicated exactly as it should. With Airsound, you hear exactly the same sound no matter where you’re standing in the room, the company says.

Even better, the new Orbitsound ONE P70W V2 also packs a brand new technology called “Transconductance Amplification” that eliminates incompatibilities between the amplifier and speaker driver that are present in most other audio systems. The technology allows the amplifier to monitor and adapt to the behaviour of the speaker drivers in real time, creating a much smoother and more seamless relationship between the two essential components of the speaker system. The result, the company claims, is noticeably lower distortion and clearer, more dynamic audio.

Orbitsound says the ONE P70W V2 is the perfect multitasking speaker system, capable of serving as both a regular wireless speaker and a soundbar. That’s partly because the system is flexible enough that it can be installed almost anywhere in a room, placed on a furniture unit, in front of the TV, or even wall-mounted.

“Its highly versatile form and mounting options mean that it can just as easily be used for music as for movies, taking on the role of a soundbar,” the company said. “It even has two separate wall-mounting orientations depending on whether you want to mount it high or low on the wall.”


Of course with any wireless speaker system the connectivity options are just as critical as the sound quality, and once again the ONE P70W V2 doesn’t disappoint. Users have the option of basic Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, as well as an optical connection to the TV and a 3.5mm AUX socket. Users can also download the Orbitsound app, which provides access to music streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify Connect and Tunein Radio.

Orbitsound said the ONE P70W V2 wireless speaker is available exclusively from Johnlewis.com priced at £399, with a choice of black, white and bamboo finishes.