Nvidia Shield TV adds support for PS5 and Xbox Series X controllers

Mike Wheatley

Nvidia said this week that its Shield TV and Shield TV Pro set-top boxes now work with the PS5 DualSense and Xbox Series X controllers following a firmware update.


The added support will make life easier for gamers with either of those next-generation consoles as it means they can maintain a high-level experience by using the same controller with their different gaming devices. Nvidia said that many of its Shield TV owners take advantage of its ability to play PC games through the company’s GeForce Now streaming service. It means those people will now be able to access games bought on the Steam platform, plus their PS5 and Xbox games, using the same television.

Nvidia said it’s simple to connect your next-generation games controller. Simply “start Bluetooth pairing on your SHIELD and start pairing mode on your controller”, Nvidia’s firmware update notes explain.

For the Xbox Series X controller, you’ll need to “hold the pairing button until the Xbox button blinks”, while DualSense controller users will need to “hold PlayStation and Share/Clip button until light pulses blue”.

The new controllers add to the growing range of gamepads that can work with Nvidia’s Shield TVs, including the older Xbox One and PS4 DualShock controllers. Other controllers from third-parties such as Logitech, 8Bitdo, Hori, SteelSeries and Logik also work with the Shield.

For gamers who’ve so far been unable to buy a new PS5 or Xbox Series X due to their limited availability, the ability to at least use one of their controllers, which can be purchased separately, will give them a good hint at what’s to come. Even so, it’s worth noting that some of the console-specific features, such as the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback on the DualSense, may not work with non-PS5 hardware.

Nvidia said that version 8.2.2 of its Shield TV software, which contains the update, is rolling out now for all users. The update also brings support for Control4 home automation to the Shield TV, plus the Android December 2020 security patch, improved IR support with Denon receivers, and various bug fixes.