Hisense debuts PX3-Pro 4K UST projector

Mike Wheatley

Hisense USA has announced a new, super-bright triple-laser ultra-short-throw projector that’s able to display super-sharp Dolby Vision pictures at up to 150-inches.

The Hisense PX3-Pro 4K Laser Cinema TV is the successor to last year’s high-performing PX2-Pro, and like that model, it is one of the brightest projectors the company sells, capable of enabling daytime viewing in the most sun-soaked living rooms. The company said the new projector integrates its proprietary LPU digital laser engine and TriChroma triple-laser tech to set a “new standard for visual excellence.”

Backing up such claims, the company offers a number of advanced features and specifications, with AI algorithms incorporated into the mix to enhance the picture quality in real-time, tweak the contrast ratio and beef up the brightness while nixing background noise to ensure the optimal viewing experience. The PX3-Pro 4K Laser Cinema TV can generate an image from between 80-inches to 150-inches, it comes with support for Dolby Vision content, and covers an impressive 110% of the BT.2020 colour gamut, the company said.

In terms of brightness, the Hisense PX3-Pro 4K Laser Cinema TV is able to output 3,000 ANSI lumens, which should enable viewing in daytime conditions without any serious impact on the overal picture quality. That said, the darker the room is, the better the image quality will be.

The company has gone above and beyond on the sound side this year, with the Hisense PX3-Pro 4K Laser Cinema TV featuring built-in, front-firing Harmon Kardon speakers that about 50-watts of audio oomph, and the immersive Dolby Atmos format is also supported.

Connectivity certainly has not been neglected either, with a pair of HDMI ports on the back. One of those is capable of enhanced Audio Return and supports 4K images at 60Hz, which means it can be attached to a gaming console no problem. Internet connectivity can be enabled through Ethernet LAN or Wi-Fi, and the onboard Google TV operating system is ready to serve up all of the streaming content someone might ever need.

Rounding out the published specifications, Hisense mentioned HDR10+, IMAX Enhanced and polarized 3D. The company said the Hisense PX3-Pro 4K Laser Cinema TV will go on sale during the first quarter, priced at $3,499 in the U.S.