New leak reveals specs of upcoming Google Chromecast HD streaming dongle

Mike Wheatley

Google is reportedly getting closer to launching a new “Chromecast HD” device that will run a Google TV platform based on the latest version of Android.


The revelation comes from software developer Kuba Wojciechowski, who revealed on Twitter that he managed to discover the full software build for the upcoming device. It’s not clear how he obtained the information, as he only cited the “incompetence” of Google’s Nest team and refused to post it publicly.

However, Wojciechowski was happy enough to reveal plenty of details of the new device. He said the build he obtained is from July and is most likely to be the same one that will come preinstalled on the Chromecast HD when it launches. Most tellingly, he said it’s based on Android 12 with Google TV. It also confirms the Chromecast HD branding, he said.

Google’s existing Chromecast with Google TV still runs the much older Android TV 10 operating system, so the new device should have much greater functionality. For instance, Android 12 adds system support for frame rate matching and other new features.

In addition, Wojciechowski found that the new device will be powered by an Amlogic S805X2 system-on-a-chip that supports AV1 decoding. It comes with 1.5GB of RAM and support for WiFi 5 and Bluetooth 5.2. This appears to confirm earlier rumours that the Chromecast HD will be a cheaper 1080p60 device. There’s also a diagram in the firmware that shows an unchanged remote control.

While the existing Chromecast with Google TV supports 4K resolution, it has not been updated recently and still runs the older Android 10 OS that dates back to 2019. It also does not support AV1, which is a newer, royalty-free video codec that Google, along with Amazon, Netflix, Apple and others, has been a major advocate of. Indeed, since 2021, Google has required that all new Google TV devices must support AV1.

It’s not clear if Google will ever get around to updating the Chromecast with Google TV, or if it will simply launch a newer 4K version of the streaming stick.

The launch of the Chromecast HD is said to be imminent, however, with another report by the German language publication WinFuture suggesting a price tag of 39.99 Euro in Europe. That compares to a price tag of 69.99 Euro for the 4K Chromecast with Google TV.