Loewe's eco-friendly Iconic OLED TV is encased in Syno-Stone

Mike Wheatley

The luxury TV brand Loewe has just announced its latest bespoke OLED television, with a distinct and extremely stylish design that’s made out of recycled stone materials. In other words, the Loewe Iconic TV is sure to be a real showstopper, but be warned that it won’t come cheap.


Just like the rest of Loewe’s OLED TV lineup, including the recently announced bild v.48, much of the focus of the TV has gone into its design and aesthetics. It’s this focus that bumps up the price tag far beyond what the rest of the market charges for a fairly conventional OLED TV. The Loewe Iconic is available in two sizes, 55-inches and 65-inches, and it’ll set you back an eye-watering £6,499 and £7,999 respectively. At least, the price includes installation as part of the package.

The price is considerably more expensive than what many would argue are actually far better TVs. For instance, Sony’s A95K QD-OLED TV can be had for less than half the price of Loewe’s latest model. But Loewe isn’t going after your average consumer - it’s a brand that’s all about luxury and style, and it’s chasing those with money to spend who want a TV that looks good when it’s not being looked at, if you catch our drift.

The Loewe Iconic is built out of a new material the company calls “Syno-stone”. According to Loewe, it’s a highly durable, hygienic solid surface material that “creates an eye-catching concrete aesthetic”. The Syno-stone is made from recycled materials too, and is designed so that it can be recycled again in future. In this way, Loewe is marrying sustainability with its AV pedigree to create what many might consider to be the future of eco-friendly design - but if it really does turn out to be the way TV designers go, we hope they’ll at least consider reducing the price.

The eye-catching Syno-stone material is tied into a typically minimalist frame, with a front-facing fabric panel ensuring that the soundbar appears as discrete as can be.


In terms of specs, the Loewe Iconic is a fairly run of the mill OLED television. It offers a 4K display with support for HDR10, Dolby Vision and HLG. There’s no word on the display’s refresh rate though, so we can’t be sure if it’ll be a good bet for gamers.

Loewe said the Iconic boasts a sound system that’s able to produce “cinematic, room-filling sound” via a 3.1 channel soundbar setup. This can also be upgraded to a 5.1 system with the use of wireless external speakers. Support for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X surround sound is also present.

The Loewe Iconic OLED TV will ship later this month, though the company didn’t provide an exact launch date. Buyers will be able to choose from Graphite Grey and Clay White colour frames to match the decor of their presumably very stylish living room.

No doubt, the price will put off most consumers but time will tell if the Syno-Stone material is enough of an attention-grabber. Clearly though, Loewe believes there is a market for those who want the right balance of style vs substance in a TV.