Loewe debuts stylish but affordable We.See LCD TV range

Mike Wheatley

Luxury TV maker Loewe is no longer the exclusively premium brand it always used to be. Following the company’s phoenix-like rise from the ashes of bankruptcy earlier this year, it has shifted its focus to a mix of higher-end and also more affordable products for the masses under its new sub-brand, We. by Loewe.


Now, we get to see the first new televisions made by We. by Loewe, and there’s not just one, but four new models for us to feast our eyes on. The new range is branded We.See, and it’s every bit as stylish as we’ve come to expect from Loewe over the years – from the outside, at least

Loewe’s new We.See TVs put design to the forefront, boasting a full 360° form that’s reminiscent of the brand’s distinct style that was first forged by iconic models such as the bild 9 OLED TVs of yesteryear. This time though, the TVs have a nice, cutting edge twist with colourful frames paired with the body’s sleek, matte black finish. It’s a vibrant splash of colour that most definitely accentuates the We.See TV’s contemporary design, evocative of the company’s earlier models. There’s a choice of colours too, with coral red, aqua blue and storm grey options available.

The design is not just about looking good though. It’s also somewhat functional, with the We.See range sporting clever cable management that hides away all of those ugly wires with a fabric cover. The TV can be placed on a stand, sit atop a TV bench, or mounted onto a wall, Loewe said.

No one will deny the We.See TVs look good, but the specifications may be a tad disappointing. There’s no OLED here, that’s for sure. As an affordable yet classy-looking brand, the We.See televisions are equipped with regular old LCD displays. At least, there should be plenty of things to watch on them, with apps such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and Freeview Play all pre-installed.

Loewe said the 4K We.See TVs are available in 43-inch, 50-inch and 55-inch sizes, with a smaller Full HD option available in 32-inches. The three larger models all support Dolby Vision HDR, and all four support HLG and HDR10. The 80-watt Dolby Atmos soundbar that promises to deliver a very realistic, cinema-esque audio experience, is a nice touch too.

The Loewe We.See TVs are on sale now, priced at £1,599, £1,399, £1,199 and £899 for the 55-inch, 50-inch, 43-inch and 32-inch models, respectively.