LG's stunning new OLED concept appears to be floating in mid-air

Mike Wheatley

We’ve seen a few exceptions recently with the likes of Samsung’s The Frame and Loewe’s latest luxury OLED offering, but for the most part TV design has become pretty uniform. You get a brand badge, a choice of stands, a slimline bezel and that’s basically it.


So it’s good to see that LG Electronics is trying to change that. This week, it announced a new concept TV built in conjunction with the Seoul-based design firm Jei Design Works that shuns existing ideas for something completely different.

The concept is called the LG Display Showcase TV, and instead of having a traditional bezel, it hangs a thin OLED panel within a skeletal metal enclosure, making it appear as if it’s suspended in mid-air.

LG is known for building some of the best OLED TVs around, with the likes of this year’s C2 and G2 both getting rave reviews. However, the aesthetics of both models is fairly bog standard when compared with other TVs.

The LG Display Showcase TV totally reimagines what a TV should look like. According to Yanko Design, the idea of the team behind the concept was to create a TV that looks like a work of art and fits equally well into a home, office or another kind of environment.


With its suspended frame design, the TV can be placed on a console table or hung with hooks from the ceiling. The see-through construction meanwhile, allows it to blend in perfectly with most kinds of decor, despite its novel appearance.

It’s not clear if the LG Display Showcase TV will ever make the grade beyond a concept design, but we imagine there would be plenty of takes for such an unusual and stylish TV if it does. It could have a big impact. With displays becoming increasingly thinner and taller and wider, designers have had less opportunity to make a statement. This concept suggests that might be about to change, with more artistic designs set to adorn our living rooms.


After all, Samsung did something pretty radical with its popular The Frame TV and that has sold well, and Loewe’s eye-catching new Syno-stone OLED TV is similarly audacious, in a different way. LG’s Display Showcase TV shows that it’s possible to incorporate all of the best features and trends while making a bold and artistic statement.