LG's quirky StanbyME and StanbyME Go TVs to launch in UK this month

Mike Wheatley

LG Electronics’ portable TVs, the StanbyME and StanbyME Go, are set to go on sale in the U.K. later this month, providing some extraordinarily novel designs for consumers to consider as we approach the holiday season.


First up is the LG StanbyME, which is fitted onto a stand and looks akin to something like a flagpole. It’s designed to be wheeled around from room-to-room and is described as a “lifestyle display” for multiple occasions. According to LG, someone might want to wheel it into the kitchen to follow a recipe on YouTube, before wheeling it back into the dining room to watch a movie while they’re eating.

The LG StanbyME runs a modified, touch-enabled version of webOS, which means it can access applications like Netflix and so on, while streaming content from smartphones through its screen mirroring capability. It features a 27-inch 1080p touch display, though users can also use the remote control if they’d prefer to try and keep the screen clean. The display can notably be swiveled around, so content can be viewed in vertical or horizontal format.

High Dynamic Range is supported via the HDR10 and HLG formats, while LG’s AI sound technology that’s featured in its higher-end, more conventional TVs is also available. It runs the Alpha 7 Gen 4 processor, which is two years old, last seen on the 2021 LG B1 OLED TV and some of its more recent QNED TV models. There’s a single HDMI port and a USB input, so it’s possible to hook up a console or streaming stick, though high-end features for gaming won’t be available as it’s not a HDMI 2.1 port and the display doesn’t support 120Hz.

As for the StanbyME Go, this is a quirky briefcase-style TV that was recently shown off at IFA 2023. It too is a touchscreen LCD display, though it seems to have some higher specifications than the StanbyME and some additional features.


Rather than standing on a pedestal, the 27-inch StanbyME Go folds up into a briefcase when it’s not in use, meaning that portability is one of its standout features. It’s a clever design, even if not everyone will appreciate the idea. What’s more, when the TV is deployed, it can be swiveled and adjusted to suit your viewing position.

Where it supersedes the StanbyMe is with its support for Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos surround sound. There’s also a more powerful, 20-watt speaker system built into the TV behind a mesh cover on the top lid of the briefcase enclosure, providing direct front-firing sound when opened up. Because of this, LG says it can double as a portable sound system as well as a TV, streaming music from services such as Spotify.

The StanbyME Go also has a superior Alpha 7 Gen 5 processor that’s slightly more powerful than the older chip found on the regular StanbyME, and there’s a single HDMI port and USB slot available, like its sister model.

The connectivity options are just one similarity between the two models. It must be pointed out that both are powered by batteries. According to LG, the battery will last for about three hours on both TVs, but don’t be surprised if this lifetime can only be achieved by using certain picture settings to optimise energy efficiency. In other words, if you want the best quality pictures, you should be prepared for a battery life of less than two hours.

The short duration of the battery life may disappoint some, as one of the main use cases of the StanbyME Go is said to be a kind of camping companion. The idea is you can set it up in front of a camp fire and watch a movie while roasting marshmallows, but if the battery can’t even stretch beyond a single movie, it’s not going to be providing much entertainment, especially for those who plan on staying out more than one night. Be sure to pack a few power packs.

The limited battery life is less of an issue on the StanbyME, given as it’s designed to remain inside the house, and can be plugged in anytime.

LG said the StanbyME and StanbyME Go will both cost £1,199 in the U.K., which is somewhat surprising considering the higher specs of the latter model. They’ll go on sale by November 29, with retailers yet to be confirmed, LG said.