LG's premium Magnit MicroLED TV adds luxury B&O speakers

Mike Wheatley

LG Electronics’ stunning 136-inch MicroLED TV, called the LG Magnit, was already one of the most expensive TVs that money can buy, and now the company is raising the stakes through a partnership with the high-end audio firm Bang & Olufsen.


Of course, if you have to ask for the new price tag then it’s likely you cannot afford it, and that, perhaps, is why LG Electronics declined to note the new price tag. What we know, however, is that the LG Magnit costs around $300,000 as a standalone product, while Bang & Olufsen’s most advanced Beolab 90 speakers cost $80,000 per pair.

Now they’re being offered together in an exclusive package and while it’s likely that they may be better priced together, it’s another reminder that MicroLED TV technology remains very far away from becoming mainstream. As part of the bundle, you’ll get the LG Magnit TV, two Beolab 0s and support for B&O’s dedicated remote control.

Those who can afford it will be more interested in its performance, and it’s fair to say the LG Magnit is one of the best TVs the company has ever created. Its 136-inch frame is the result of the modular nature of MicroLED, which is made up of many interconnected, smaller panels linked together to make up a single, larger display. It’s every bit as good as OLED, brighter, and has absolutely no risk of burn-in.

The only disappointing thing really is that the Magnit is only a 4K TV, but in any case the excellent LG a9 processor that’s found in the company’s highest-end OLED models helps to ensure the images are absolutely, perfectly replicated with true-to-life accuracy.

LG says in its pitch that the “versatile LG Magnit is ideal for luxury consumers seeking a premium, large-scale display for the home.” It notes that the MicroLED display can hit a stunning, blinding peak brightness of 1,200 nits.

As for the B&O Beolab 90 series, these are believed to be just about the most premium audio speaker money can buy. B&O says they’re the most beautiful-sounding speakers it has ever made, and they also look extremely good, with surprising durability too – which isn’t so surprising when you consider that they’re made from 65Kg of aluminium, helping to ensure the 18 drivers held within stay exactly where they’re meant to be placed.

We haven’t listened to the Beolab 90 speakers ourselves, but every testimony says the sound is surreal and out of this world. Not to mention the stunningly gorgeous aesthetic design.