LG's luxury Art90 OLED TV to go on sale in Korea this month

Mike Wheatley

LG Electronics has debuted a glitzy new “Art” OLED TV that comes with a moveable fabric cover that can hide most of the display when it’s not in use.


Unveiled in LG’s home nation South Korea today, the OLED Evo Object Collection TV is a luxury 65-inch OLED TV that appears to be the company’s response to Samsung Electronics’ successful Lifestyle TV range, which includes the popular The Frame model.

It’s clear from LG’s statement that it’s targeting a very different group of buyers from its usual target market.

“We will actively target premium customers who want only the best by introducing new products with both the best picture quality and innovative design,” Kim Seon-hyeong, LG Electronics Korea’s head of marketing.

The LG ART90, as it’s also known, comes with a distinctive metal frame that allows it to either stand directly on the floor, or alternatively be lent against a wall. It can also be hung flush on a wall for those who prefer their displays to have a higher vantage point, similar to Samsung’s The Frame. The high quality fabric cover meanwhile is made by Kvadrat and comes in a choice of beige, green or redwood, LG said.

While it’s sort of like The Frame with its artsy style, the LG ART90 is also quite unique. The fabric cover can move up and down to cover most of the display at the touch of a button. It takes inspiration from LG’s novel rollable OLED TV too, with “Line view” that leaves a small section of the display still visible, revealing apps such as clock, or perhaps the track being played if the user is listening to music.

The LG Art90 also looks to be a much better TV than The Frame in terms of picture quality too. Although LG didn’t release any specs, the official name “OLED Evo Object Collection TV” is a bit of a giveaway that it’s probably fitted with one of the company’s brighter OLED Evo panels that’s seen on its 2021 LG G1 TV.

LG said the 65-inch OLED Evo Object Collection, or Art90 TV, will go on sale in South Korea first at the end of the month, with a price tag of 9.9 million won (around £6,380). There’s no word yet on when the TV might come to international markets.