LG to demo bendable OLED gaming displays at CES 2021

Mike Wheatley

LG Display is planning to show off what it says is the world’s first bendable OLED display that’s optimised for video gamers.


The Bendable Cinematic Sound OLED display is a 48-inch screen that’s able to bend and fold with a curvature radius of up to 1,000R. That means it can bend to a radius up to a maximum of 1,000mm without breaking, offering gamers a more uniform viewing distance from the centre of the screen right to the edge. LG says this should appeal to gamers as it has the effect of improving visual immersion during gameplay.

The screen can also be bent back into a perfect flat screen for when users want to watch TV or movies while sitting further away on the sofa. That's just as well, because LG's original fixed curved OLED TVs that were launched in 2013 never quite took off, and were discontinued just four years later.

Meanwhile, the Cinematic Sound technology makes the screen vibrate during gameplay to create sound, without the need for dedicated speakers. This has the effect of making the audio more immersive too, with sounds appearing more realistic, coming from exactly where they were generated.

LG said it has reduced the size of the film exciter, which is the wizardry that vibrates the display, from 9mm to just 0.6mm, to create what it calls an “ultra-thin screen”.

The display also boasts a response time of just 0.1 milliseconds, with a refresh rate of 120Hz per second and wide variable refresh rate that ranges from 40Hz to 120Hz, making it compatible with next generation games consoles such as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Like all OLED displays, the panel has been certified for eye comfort due to its low blue light emissions and flicker free experience, so gamers are less likely to suffer from eye strain after hours-long gaming sessions.

“LG Display’s 48-inch Bendable CSO display is optimized for gaming as it maximizes the use of advanced technology that produces another level in terms of providing an immersive experience,” said Dr. Chang-ho Oh, executive vice president & head of TV at LG Display. “In other words, it offers the very best gaming environment to gamers.”

LG said the 48-inch Bendable Cinematic Sound OLED will be showcased at the virtual Consumer Electronics Show 2021, where it will also show off a range of transparent OLED displays and no doubt, some new rollable ones too. The company will also introduce its first Mini-LED TVs, also known as QNED TVs, at CES.