LG reveals full U.K. pricing for 2023 OLED TVs and soundbars

Mike Wheatley

LG Electronics has confirmed U.K. pricing for most of its 2023 OLED TVs, including the C3 OLED TV that’s going on sale now, and the G3 that will come very soon.


So far, LG has listed three of the six promised LG C3 OLED TVs on its U.K. website, pricing the 55-inch model at £2,099, with the 65-inch version costing £2,899 and the 77-inch edition at £3,999. If you’re wondering, that’s a tad pricier than last year’s equivalent C2 models, around £200-£300 higher.

As for the rest of the lineup, these aren’t on the official site yet but can be found at authorised retailers like John Lewis, Hughes and Richer Sounds, with the 42-inch C3 priced at £1,499, the 48-inch model tagged at £1,599 and the biggest 83-inch version set to cost £6,499 - almost a grand more expensive than the 83-inch C2 last year. LG said the C3 OLED TVs are going on sale between now and the end of the month, with only the 83-inch model trailing with an April launch date.

Many will be more interested in LG’s flagship G3 OLED TV, of course, due to its brighter, next-generation OLED technology that includes Micro Lens Array, all the more so now that its annoying ‘dimming’ algorithms have been fixed. The LG G3 OLED will launch in April and although it’s not yet listed on the official site, its retail partners are listing the 55-inch version at £2,599, the 65-inch model at £3,499, the 77-inch size at £4,499 and the 83-inch variant priced at £7,499. Once again, they all cost more than last year’s equivalents. The G3 OLEDs prices are roughly on a par with those of Samsung’s new QD-OLED TVs, though the 77-inch G3 does cost quite a bit less.

Then there’s the 8K resolution Z3 OLED, which few people traditionally buy. That’s mostly because of two things - there’s no real reason to have an 8K TV anyway, and they cost the Earth, with the 77-inch model priced at £14,999 and the 88-inch monster costing £24,999.

A much cheaper option is the more affordable B3 OLED, which is a 4K model like the C3 and G3. The “B” series has always been LG’s cheaper OLED option, with less advanced features, but it still delivers beautiful OLED images of course so it may tempt some. Prices have been set at £1,899, £2,699 and £3,799 for the 55, 65 and 77-inch models, respectively.

LG has also made some of its 2023 QNED LCD TVs ready for pre-order, with the flagship QNED85 set to cost £1,299, £1,699, £2,499, and £3,799 for the 55, 65, 75 and 86-inch models, respectively.

Besides its TVs, LG has also announced two new Dolby Atmos soundbars which are also available now with confirmed prices. The LG USC9S is the more advanced of the two, and is priced at £999, with the USE6S costing half that at £499. The USC9S is therefore one of the most expensive soundbars money can buy, but it is fairly unique in that it’s designed specifically to work with LG’s C-series OLED TVs. It features a bracket that’s compatible with the 55-, 65- and 77-inch C2 and the C3 TVs, allowing users to stand- or wall-mount the soundbar while it’s attached to the display.

In terms of specs, the USC9S boasts triple up-firing speakers that help to create a more immersive listening experience. Along with the cheaper USE6S soundbar, it also features LG’s AI Sound Pro technology that carefully analyses the incoming audio signal and applies the optimal settings to it. They both also come with Wow Orchestra, which helps to coordinate the soundbar with the TV’s internal speakers to expand the soundstage and add more depth, height and oomph to the audio experience. Both support Dolby Atmos too, of course, and IMAX Enhanced with DTS:X. Finally, they can be connected wirelessly, without compromising sound quality, LG promised.

LG is also providing a few incentives to get people interested. For instance, it’s offering a 50% discount on the USC9S soundbar for certain TV models, and many deals include a free, but less capable, LG GX or S75Q soundbar.