LG rebrands third-party OS offering as webOS Hub

Mike Wheatley

LG is catering to brands that license its TV operating system with the launch of webOS Hub, a major upgrade that’s being made available to its network of 200 partner brands, including Seiki, Eko, Stream System, Konka, Aiwa and Hyundai.


LG said in an announcement that webOS Hub is much more than just a smart TV platform because it has the full support of technology partners such as Dolby, Realtek, Gracenote and CEVA. In addition, the new platform has been certified by more than 160 broadcasters globally.

In terms of what webOS Hub actually provides, LG said it’s a more customizable user interface that enables brands to fine-tune aspects such as the colour scheme of the home page and menus. In this way, brands can create a UI that’s more consistent with their own identity, and even insert their own logos to increase visibility. In other words, TV brands will be able to differentiate their offerings in more ways than before, LG said.

There are other updates too. For instance, webOS Hub comes with a new function that provides users with a curated selection of content they can check out next, from across all of their applications, based on their tastes and viewing histories. Next Pick1 will recommend up to three live programs from either broadcast channels or a connected set-top box, plus one from a streaming apple or video-on-demand service. Also supported with the new update is LG’s Magic Explorer function, which displays information that’s relevant to the content currently highlighted, such as bios of actors, plot summaries and so on.

Other new features include Clear Voice PRO, a technology that helps to enhance on-screen dialogue. Of course, webOS Hub continues to support major streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and LG Channels, which is LG’s own free content service. There are also new streaming services available, such as Fubo TV and cloud gaming services are on the way too, LG said.

We can expect the first TVs, including some OLED models, to launch with webOS Hub soon, LG promised.

“We are committed to refining and expanding our webOS Hub ecosystem, which continues to introduce more and more consumers to the unparalleled user experience of LG webOS,” said Park Hyoung-sei, president of the LG Home Entertainment Company.

LG said that there are currently more than 120 million third-party devices around the world running the webOS operating system, and that it expects this number to grow with the launch of webOS Hub.