LG expands cloud gaming support with Boosteroid app and 4K Ge Force Now

Mike Wheatley

More video games and better graphics are coming to LG Electronics’ TVs, with the addition of the Boosteroid app and 4K support for Nvidia’s popular game streaming service GeForce Now. It’s also said that Amazon’s Luna gaming service will arrive on LG TVs later in the year.


LG’s TVs already have a decent choice of video game streaming services. While Google Stadia is no more, having been shut down by the search engine giant, newer webOS TVs can still access Nvidia’s GeForce Now, as well as the Utomik and Blacknut applications.

With these apps, it’s possible to access a library of top-notch video games, without plugging in a console like the Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5. Instead, customers can pay a monthly subscription fee and stream the games over the internet. In that case, all that’s required to play the games is a controller.

The Boosteroid app is a new addition to LG’s catalogue of game streaming apps. It offers an extensive library of PC games, including a number of “AAA” titles, that are streamed to users via its network of 18 servers located around the world. LG said Boosteroid is available on all LG TVs from 2021 onwards that run webOS 6.0 or later. Boosteroid supports streaming at 1080p at up to 60fps, and is available for €10 per month in Europe, and $11 in the U.S.

GeForce Now is probably the most popular game streaming service on LG TVs, and it is getting a very handy upgrade that allows it to support 4K resolution at 60fps for the first time. The upgrade is coming to LG’s 2023 TVs first, and will arrive later on its 2022 models, the company said. At present, GeForce Now can only be accessed in Full HD at 60fps.


Bear in mind that to access 4K streaming on GeForce Now, you’ll be required to pay for the highest tier Ultimate subscription, which is priced at $20 per month.

In a final update, LG said that Amazon Luna will also be launching on “select OLED and LCD TV models” later in the year. Unfortunately, LG didn’t make any reference to Microsoft’s Xbox cloud gaming application, which remains exclusive to TVs sold by Samsung Electronics. However, some Xbox titles will come to Boosteroid later this year.