LG announces trio of new soundbars for its 2024 TVs

Mike Wheatley

LG Electronics has announced its first new products for 2024, revealing three new soundbars that will soon be added to its portfolio. They’re part of a batch of 10 new soundbars the company will launch next year, it said.


They include two completely new soundbars, the LG SG10T and the LG S70TY, as well as the LG S95TR, which is the successor to last year’s very popular S95QR model.

LG said the new SG10T and S70TY soundbars both come with wireless capabilities, enabling them to connect to any LG TV over Wi-Fi, rather than using a cable. The SG10T is said to be designed to complement the LG G3 and M3 OLED TVs, and presumably also their 2024 iterations, while the S70TY is aimed at LG’s range of QNED LCD TVs.

The wireless philosophy builds upon what LG started with the USC95 soundbar, which was built to work with the LG C3 OLED TV with the inclusion of a dedicated mount. According to LG, the S70TY will come with a mount that can connect it to multiple QNED TVs, combining them into a single unit.

As for the SG10T, this will feature the same Zero Gap wall mount found on the LG G3 TV, which means it can be attached to any wall, flush with the TV to ensure a tidy appearance with matching aesthetics, LG said. In addition to the G3, LG said it’s also an ideal companion for the wireless M3 OLED TV. It’s a good option for M3 owners especially, as that model does not have any HDMI sockets on the actual TV. Instead, the soundbar must be connected via its Zero Connect box. It’s a useful addition because by having a wired soundbar, that basically defeats the point of having a wireless TV in the first place.

Whether or not the wireless connection will come with any tradeoffs in terms of sound quality remains to be seen. Generally, wired audio tends to be much stabler, but LG expressed confidence that the SG10T is capable of delivering Dolby Atmos and DTS:X sound over its Wi-Fi connection.

Both of the new soundbars are said to support LG’s WOW Orchestra feature, meaning the TVs’ internal speakers can be used as a centre channel, along with the soundbar.

As for the LG S95TR soundbar, this is the company’s new flagship model, with support for a whopping 15 channels and a total power output of 810-watts. There are improvements such as the updated tweeters and a passive radiator that’s said to enhance the bass. All told, it boasts five upward-firing drivers, which means Dolby Atmos sound quality should be particularly impressive with this model. However, buyers should note that the S95TR does not have wireless capabilities, and must connect via a HDMI port.

All three of the new soundbars support Wi-Fi music streaming from services such as Spotify Connect and Tidal Connect, and the company promises an overall “flawless listening experience with high-fidelity audio quality”.