LG announces the next evolution of its webOS smart TV software

Mike Wheatley

LG Electronics has announced the various upgrades users can expect to find in the latest version of its television operating system software, webOS 24.


The webOS 24 software will wing its way into LG’s newly announced 2024 TVs, including the OLED models that were revealed just yesterday and also the QNED LCD TVs it lifted the lid on last week.

The updates found in webOS 24 are an evolution of the widespread changes introduced last year with webOS 23, but users may still find some fun new functions. In addition, those who own older LG TVs will be pleased to learn that many of the new features may also come to them via an update.

With regards to what’s new, LG is talking up its personalisation capabilities along with added convenience and versatility. For instance, webOS 24 allows users to create up to 10 individual profiles. The TV will be able to recognize the voice of each user and automatically jump to their profile so it can suggest recommendations based on their viewing preferences. Of course, each user will be able to customise the Home Screen to suit their own tastes, displaying their favored streaming services more prominently, for example. The built-in Picture Wizard feature, also new, will help each user to fine-tune the image quality to their liking as well.

webOS 24 also supports Apple AirPlay and Google Chromecast capabilities built-in, enabling “improved compatibility with mobile devices”, the company said. In addition, it also adds support for Matter, enabling a more integrated smart home experience. The Quick Cards feature launched last year is also being improved, with more features being added to the Accessibility section on the Home Screen menu, including some useful new services that support disabilities, the company said. Finally, webOS 24 offers some changes under the hood that should ensure greater stability, security and seamlessness.

LG also talked about its new webOS Re:New system, which will guarantee owners can access the latest webOS upgrades for five years after they buy their new TV. The company said that this offer is being extended to TVs bought in 2022, meaning they will receive the latest webOS updates until at least 2027, and may even gain some functions past that date. Those who bought an LG TV last year will receive guaranteed updates until 2028 under the new programme. The offer applies to LG’s OLED TVs and its QNED models. LG also said it will further evolve webOS, adding significant updates over time to “constantly revolutionise the customer experience.”

In its press release, LG also makes clear its vision for webOS to become a “media and entertainment platform”. It said it has plans to “invest heavily” in webOS and secure a vast library of content and services so it can cater to the diverse lifestyles of its customers. The company says webOS now boasts a user base of more than 200 million smart TVs around the world, and with the software now being offered to over 100 third-party TV brands, it’s clearly keen to expand that number.

Baik Seon-Pill, who heads up LG Home Entertainment Company’s Product Planning Division, said the company is dedicated to elevating consumer’s convenience and security so as to ensure a hassle-free and secure experience with all of its products. “We strive to provide life-enriching experiences for our customers by delivering a wide range of content and services on our TVs,” he said.