LG announces modular Miraclass LED displays for cinemas

Mike Wheatley

LG Electronics is hoping to convince movie theatres to replace their old projectors with its new Miraclass LED display solution, which is based on a modular design and can achieve 4K resolution.


The Korean firm reported that it has already convinced some established theatre chains to dump the projector in favour of its new display, which is built using smaller modules. The first Miraclass solution was recently installed in the Odeon theatre in Vilanova, Spain, and will also come to the Odean theatres in Barcelona and Madrid.

LG had previously launched a first generation of cinema LED displays, known as “LED Cinema”, and Miraclass is the next version of that technology. Theatres can choose from four sizes, ranging from 14 square metres to 101 square metres, with either 2K or 4K resolution and depth of up to 16 bits. They also have options for brightness ranging from 48, 100, 130, 260 or 300 nits, and the refresh rate can be set at 24, 25, 30, 48, 60 or 144Hz. The company didn’t say anything about HDR.

Paik Ki-mun, SVP & head of Information Display, LG Electronics, said the company is confident that its new displays will satisfy the needs of operators while meeting the expectations of moviegoers. “To accommodate rising demand and the diverse requirements of movie theater companies, more lineups and models will be introduced in the future."

The modular nature of the LG Miraclass is somewhat similar to the MicroLED TVs offered by brands like Samsung Electronics, but it’s likely that LG is not using “micro LEDs” in these particular models. There’s no consumer option for the LG Miraclass, and it seems entirely impractical for most living rooms, with the smallest 14 sqm version weighing a hefty 465 kg and consuming 9700 W at 300 nits, or 4000 W at 48 nits. So it’s pretty power hungry.

Still, the new displays could have a big impact on the theatre business, with LG promising incredible picture quality and the ability to “bring movies to life”. It says its Miraclass displays will ultimately help to “improve the theatre-going experience” and that is what matters most of all.